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FaceCheck ID Review – How to Use, Features and Database

Are you in contact with an anonymous person who is a mystery to you? Have you ever seen him in real? Is there any way to find out whether the person really exists? Don’t worry! I am at your service. I will tell you an easy way to know his identity. Yes, I am talking about the FaceCheck ID.

FaceCheck ID allows users to find a person online if they have a photograph of him in their photo library. Here, I have compiled a comprehensive review of this tool. If you are interested in learning more about this efficient tool, then keep reading! Let’s Start!

An Overview of FaceCheck ID

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FaceCheck ID is a reverse image and facial recognition search engine that allows users to analyze facial features in images. Further, it enables them to compare these features with other photos by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is being used to find out whether a certain person exists online or not.

Users get several benefits from using FaceCheck ID, such as knowing whether the contact is a fraud or not. It’s the most helpful feature that enables you to avoid any type of scam activity and keep your family safe.

How to Use FaceCheck ID?

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The process of using FaceCheck ID to analyze facial features is very easy. Here are some easy steps to do so.

Step 1- Access FaceCheck ID

Firstly, you need to open a new tab on your Internet browser and search FaceCheck ID in the search bar. Access the first site available in the results, or you can access the site through this link:

Access FaceCheck ID

Step 2- Choose an Image

To proceed with the procedure, you have to upload an image on FaceCheck ID. Now, you need to click on “Browse…” to upload an image. 

Choose an Image

Step 3- Click on Search Internet by Face

Now, your chosen image has been uploaded to your FaceCheck ID. Here, click on the “Search Internet by Face” button to analyze its facial features, as well as thousands of other photos.

Click on Search Internet by Face

Step 4- Wait for the Process

Now, FaceCheck ID will process your image in its database and other platforms. Therefore, you have to wait a little bit.

Wait for the Process

Step 5- Get Results

Finally, after some waiting, you will get your results. If you are familiar with the face, then your search is successful. Your searches will appear with an accuracy score from 0-100.

Get Results

Features of FaceCheck ID

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Users have a definite facial feature analyzer in the shape of the FaceCheck ID. Further, it provides users with additional features, which are described below.

Identity Verification

FaceCheck ID enables users to find whether the identity they are talking to really exists or not. Identity verification also allows users to check the reality of most scammers who are insisting users invest money.

Fraud Prevention

Users have their reality check tool in their pockets because FaceCheck ID can be accessed on smartphones. This feature enables them to fraud prevention to avoid any type of fraud whether in financial sectors or data security.

Uncover Fake Review

When you desire to shop online and visit a store with only positive reviews, would you believe in them? If not, then you can check if they are fake reviews or originals. How? Get an image of a reviewer and search it on FaceCheck ID. This tool will every piece of information available for that image to help you make data-driven decisions.

Accuracy and Precision

Accuracy and precision are two different measures to define quality. When you search for an image on FaceCheck ID, you will get results with 0 to 100 accuracy scores. Moreover, you are free to check the higher resemblance photo by checking its score to get to know precisions.

Database of FaceCheck ID

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The database of FaceCheck ID is very vast and wide. This tool analyzes the facial features of an image from its vast database and from indexed images on the Internet. If a certain identity is on social and hasn’t locked his profile, then he can easily be tracked.

FaceCheck ID displays the whole faces that are analyzed yet or can be researched for tracking. The data is vast, about “800,054,600” faces, which is enough to know whether a certain identity is available online or not.

Moreover, facial recognition is driven by AI technology, which is more efficient than any other mechanism for finding faces. FaceCheck ID allows users to search with three credits and buy more credits, whether by paying from crypto or dollars.

FaceCheck ID cost $1 per 10 credits. If you have finished your credits, then you have to buy more credits to make another search. Moreover, as the world is going towards digital currency, this tool enables users to make payments in crypto.

The Closing Remarks

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FaceCheck ID is a reverse image and facial feature analyzer AI-driven search engine that enables users to find anonymous identities. This tool allows users to prevent any type of fraudulent activity by checking unknown identities. It provides users with results based on an accuracy score of 0 to 100.

When the accuracy score approaches 90-100, facial recognition will be considered a certain result according to the tool. In the above section, I have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to use it, its features, and its database. Hope so; it would be helpful for you to understand how it works and get accurate results.


Start creating Verdict in seconds, and convert more of your visitors into leads.

Q1- Is it safe to use FaceCheck ID?

The answer to this question is yes. FaceCheck ID is safe to use because it doesn’t demand any type of sign-in or sign-up.

Q2- Does FaceCheck ID increase security?

Yes. FaceCheck ID increases security by allowing you to check anonymous identities on the Internet to avoid them.

Q3- Can I use FaceCheck ID without having credits?

No. You can’t use a FaceCheck ID without credit because it’s a policy. Users have to buy credits by making a temporary account on the tool. They can buy ten credits for just $1, and a single search costs them three credits.

Q4- Is FaceCheck ID accurate?

Yes, FaceCheck ID is accurate, but sometimes certain results are not found because of users’ private accounts.

Q5- Is it legal to use FaceCheck ID?

Yes. FaceCheck ID is legal to use because it is being operated in legal boundaries.

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