eBay Logo- Design And History Of The Company

eBay and eBay logo is well known by everybody across the world as an eCommerce platform. eBay is one of the largest online selling and purchasing the multinational online marketplace. It is concluded in one of those companies who debuted selling and buying of goods over the internet. It is a collective network of sellers and buyers around the globe. eBay ensure safe, convenient, transparent trading and accessible procedure from anyone to everywhere. Although auctions are a major part of eBay’s sales, fixed-price sales are also a main part of the transaction.

eBay Logo History

The first logo of eBay was written, not designed. It shows that Pierre Omidyar didn’t have any sort of design skill. So, It was not a logo in the real term but was written in a straight way. It also shows that he was not sure about the success of his web or was doing this just to experiment.  

In 1999, the eBay logo was shaped again attractively and professionally. The new logo was different from the old one. It was also the biggest logo change in the company’s history. eBay introduced a colorful emblem into the marketplace. eBay was written respectively as red, blue, yellow, and green to indicate the diversity of business. The B was replaced as a lower-class digit while Y is written in capital form. All the letters were in overlapped mode to make the logo attractive.

In the new eBay logo capital, ‘Y’ was transformed into lowercase as many designers argue that there is no meaning in putting it as a capital letter. All these floating alphabets were rearranged in a cycle.

Color: The color selected for the new logo was also changed to some extent. The ‘e’ was designed in dark red, ‘b’ was also changed from indigo to sky blue while the last two alphabets remained their previous color.

Font: eBay logo was written in Univers font family with a minor change. The font style of the emblem is similar to Univers but not completely familiar with it. In short, the current logo is a thinner form of this font.

Current eBay Logo

The new eBay logo was designed by Lippincott, a branding company. The letters were organized more orderly and more colorfully to show the modernity of the company. The alphabets were arranged in a sequence with equal width and size. All the letters are connecting with the next one to show that eBay is connected and working all the time for its millions of users. This brand new logo also reveals a sense of freedom and fun for the users.

eBay logo has great popularity among the public. Whenever we see it we recall the company’s whole scenario in our mind. It stands among the most prominent and relatable symbols in the world. The color personalization delivers an idea of millions of different products within the site. This simple and effective logo was created in 2012 and is still better performing in this competitive digital world.

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eBay Company History

1995: Pierre Omidyar programmed a new auction-based site which he named as AuctionWeb, the purpose behind the creation of this site was to offer a small household item for sale. This was a powerful platform for the sale of goods and services of different businesses. The company logo was also created as AuctionWeb name:

First Logo

1996: Interface of the site became easy to proceed with. The company started to charge minimum fees of $.25 and also a percentage over the item’s sale price. The fee system added much to the annual revenue of the company. Omidyar also left his day job and started working as the CEO of his company. In late 1996, the company was passing through its striving phase with six regular employees along with Jerry Skoll as a president of AuctionWeb.

1997: There was an increase in Internet fraud, as many buyers after paying for an item don’t receive it. The National Consumer League took action against auction sites, to prevent fraud. The company continued to increase its popularity and achieve a milestone of 33k auctions in the first quarter of the year. The company also introduced and changed its name and eBay this year. 

eBay Logo 1997-1999

1998: Meg Whitman was appointed as president and CEO of eBay in March 1998. To customize the eBay user experience, a new program My eBay was lunched was launched by the company. eBay foundation was also launched to give charity to nonprofit organizations.

1999: Many new companies came into the market to compete with eBay, there was a critical for eBay, and they launched many new programs. At the end of this year, there was three million products sale in more than two thousand categories with 5.6 million registered users. The new eBay logo was also moved outside the region and expanded to different countries.

eBay Logo 1999-2012

2000: eBay started building its own largest headquarters and called it eBay Park in the US. eBay started its education center to make the youth a master seller using different tactics. The company also introduced its own vehicles company.

2001: eBay became an eCommerce site with more than 12 million registered users. 4.7 million Products inventory was registered over the site with instant delivery. eBay stores were also established for their sellers to open eBay stores for their customers. The monthly user of the company was half a million with an annual 4.7$ million revenue in the United States. All the major growth and biggest changes took place this year.

2002: eBay merged with PayPal and allotted Rajiv Dutta the role of president. For PayPal instant growth and global digitalization make it easier for the user in their transactions. eBay started its campaigns in Japan and started operating there.

2003: Through the PayPal Buyer Protection initiative” transactions over eBay became more secure and convenient. The company raises $500 million for different charities across the globe. The book eBay Bible was also published by Jim Griffith. eBay was the fastest-growing company worldwide.

2004: eBay started running ads of different small businesses to generate leads for them. This added much to the annual revenue of the company. The net revenue of the company this year was $3.27 billion which was double the previous year.

2005: eBay welcomed John Donahoe as the president of marketplaces of the company. The company launched a new classified advertisement site to connect the people searching for the same goods and services. Moreover, Products were categorized into 46000 categories throughout the world.

2006: PayPal launches its first mobile application this year and Rajiv Dutta was appointed as its president. The most expensive item with $168 million worth was sold on eBay according to sources.

2007: eBay becomes the world’s biggest marketplace for selling tickets online. eBay Green Team was debuted to make the environment friendly with thousands of employees.

2008: John Donahoe become the first President and CEO of eBay Inc. eBay also launched its mobile application and achieved the status of the first eCommerce site to introduce its application for iPhone and Android. The company also expanded its network of employees up to 15000 to accommodate the millions of registered users.

2009: The company launched WIN (Women’s Initiative Network) to support women and give them equal chances in the company. Top-Rated Seller Status badge was given to the quality sellers to help the buyers on finding the most concerned seller.

2010: eBay launches its application for iPad tablets for stunning visuals and a better experience of shopping.

2011: eBay was mentioned in the world’s most ethical companies and hold this status for four years. Zong and Magento were merged into these companies to ensure payments and eCommerce. Devin Wenig was also announced as the new president of eBay marketplaces.

2012: eBay logo was officially changed by the company and many new features were introduced for the buyers and sellers.

2014: Automatic translations tools were featured on the site to help people to read about the products in their native language. Flipkart also started using the eBay platform for outsourcing globally.

2015: PayPal and eBay started working independently at the Nasdaq stock exchange. 

2016: eBay and Flipkart became partnerships where eBay get a 5.44% stake in the company and grow its assets in India with a $211 million investment.

2017: To avoid frauds eBay introduced guaranteed delivery for buyers within 3 days without getting a membership. This year eBay also launched plenty of new programs. To drive the high potential of the shopping to make it easier for the user to find the perfect product according to their interests. Users can also search for specific products by uploading images.

2018: Ayden, the primary payment processor, will manage all the payments within the marketplace of eBay. The company also merged with Giosis to expand its business and to offer more inventory to its Japanese consumers. Through the Global Customer Experience organization, eBay introduced work from the home program to accomplish the company’s formal work.

2019: eBay raised $102 million charity to connect the sellers and buyers more effectively. The payment process can be completed now through Google Play. Charities of almost $1 billion were raised for the non-profit organizations of the world.

2020: Jamie Iannone became the CEO of the company in April 2020.

2021: Company is still striving to get the most valuable and prominent place in the eCommerce industry.

Final Words:

After going through the history of eBay and the eBay logo we have concluded that eBay struggled hard to gain more effective status in society and is still struggling to fill all its goals and to bring the sellers and buyers closer together. eBay logo also holds a deep history and superiority while being old.                                                                                  

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