Digital Nomad Gear- Must-Have Gadgets for Digital Nomads

The life of digital nomads is exciting. They travel the world and choose where to live and work. Along with some basic things like an unlocked smartphone and camera, there are more gadgets and tech tools they need to work comfortably and productively from anywhere they want.

Before you start packing digital nomad gear, you should keep the size of your luggage in mind. To make things easier for you, we have listed some must-have digital nomad gadgets you should pack to make sure you are equipped with everything you need to work productively without facing any type of challenges. The links will take you to Amazon so you can get quality products at affordable rates (and special discount offers if available).

Top Digital Nomad Gear & Gadgets

1- Powerful Travel-friendly Laptop

The most important thing you need to carry out your tasks as a digital nomad is a laptop. Whether you are an Apple user and prefer a machine like MacBook Pro or like to use laptops with Windows OS like a Surface pro, make sure you choose an option that is powerful and easy to carry. While advanced smartphones and tablets allow us to handle several tasks like checking emails, and updating an MS Excel file, they usually don’t offer the flexibility and features that a laptop does. Make sure to choose a laptop that just adds a little weight to your luggage.

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2- An Adjustable Laptop Stand

Working in front of the screen all day can have a high toll on your overall health. Since using a workspace or desk is not an option for digital nomads, an adjustable laptop stand can help them place the laptop in the best position either in the internet café or in the bedroom. When choosing a laptop stand, you should consider weight as one of the important principal points to make a good decision.

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3- Portable (Universal) Internet Device

A secure and high-speed internet connection is another important digital nomad gear you must have. Poor connectivity issues can cause low productivity to keep them reaching from deadlines. As public internet connections are not secure, having a portable and universal internet device or router in your backpack is important. This offers flawless and secure connectivity anywhere they want to work.

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4- An External Hard Drive

Data and files stored in the laptop of a digital nomad are precious. Few remote workers prefer storing data in the cloud while some use external hard drives for data back and sharing purposes. If you are packing your bag, you must have an external hard drive to backup and share data whenever you want.

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5- Power Bank

Power bank works as a lifesaver for digital nomads as it enables them to power up their gadgets and devices on the go. This is also useful in areas where the power supply is interrupted. A power bank is a vital gadget every digital nomad must have in his/her bag. You can buy power banks in a range of sizes, capacities, and designs as per your needs.

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6- Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones/Earbuds

When working remotely as a digital nomad, you may need to spend many hours on airplanes, trains, and buses. You may also spend some time in crowded cafes and public parks. This is where you need noise-canceling headphones to make audio and video calls. Not only this, but a pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones can also help you get some good sleep or focus on work when sitting in a crowded place.

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7- Anti-glare Filter for your Laptop

Glare on the screen of your laptop can cause disturbance when you are working in sunny places. Getting an anti-glare filter is the best way to avoid glare and work with improved focus. Make sure to buy one that is a perfect fit for the screen of your laptop. You should also check some best anti-glare filters below.

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8- Cable Organizer and Holder

When you are using different gadgets or devices, it is very easy to get confronted by a tangle of wires and cables. To avoid wasting your time in choosing the right cable for your smartphone or camera, you should use a cable organizer to keep them tidy. Consider a cable organizer with enough space and pockets to keep other gadgets like an external hard drive, USB stick, charging cable and power bank, etc. in place.

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9- Water Purification Gadgets

As digital nomads often travel to different countries and states, they may find some places with no perfectly drinkable water. This is where having a portable water purification gadget or system comes in handy. This ensures they always drink quality water no matter where they are.

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10- A Day Pack Bag

Having a day pack bag with enough space is important for travelers. When you are packing your luggage as a digital nomad, you should choose a bag that is durable enough and allows you to hold a laptop and other gadgets like a drone, power bank, camera, etc. You should shop around to invest in a lightweight and strong bag that can hold a water bottle too.

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