David Sacks Has Launched a New AI Company Glue

The co-founder of Yammer and one of the most popular entrepreneurs, David Sacks, has signed a partnership deal with the former VP of engineering of Zinc, Evan Owen to launch a new application. Both are working on developing Glue, which would be an innovative platform for employees to chat with each other. The primary function of this application is to deal with the issues of Slack Channel Fatigue by organizing different communications into topic-based threads for meaningful purposes.

Problems Associated With Slack

While using Slack at work, people may experience a large number of channels as they are invited to participate in them. A lot of discussions happen in numerous channels that will lead to immense messaging which would be overwhelming for some sort of audience. Moreover, the constant messaging notifications may cause unnecessary disturbance. Therefore, it is essential for companies to operate on a single channel for more productivity.


Glue emerges as the top solution in this regard as it turns the communication channels into threads. Several other functionalities are also integrated into this platform. A team or a single individual can easily start a thread on a particular topic. Then, they can invite other teams to participate in the conversation. Even the AI chatbot of Glue can also be invited. 

Moreover, the platform will promote the ephemeral conversation as the Threads follow the same pattern. As soon as a task or discussion is ended, the thread can be archived to prevent the notifications. Moreover, if someone mentions you, the chat will pop up so that you can get all the essential updates.

The interface of Glue also has a close resemblance to Slack. Nevertheless, everything you will see on this platform will match your interests. Also, you will not lose any feelings in the sea of noisy channels.

The AI Factor

Glue leverages GenAI to enhance its functionality. While organizing work messaging in threads might seem like a throwback solution, Sacks believes that neither Slack nor its main alternative, Microsoft Teams, can easily replicate Glue’s approach. To copy what Glue has done, these platforms would need to re-architect their entire product.

Craft Ventures

David Sacks has founded a VC firm Craft Ventures which has funded Glue through multiple seed rounds, as revealed by TechCrunch. The company emerged from stealth mode in 2024 and is now preparing to revolutionize workplace communication.

Future Prospects

Glue represents a fresh take on employee chat apps, addressing the noise and fatigue associated with traditional channels. With its AI-powered threads, Glue aims to make workplace communication more efficient and user-friendly. As the platform gains traction, it’ll be interesting to see how it competes with established players in the market.

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