Convert Excel to PDF for Free: Nothing’s Impossible With GogoPDF

Data is referred to as facts or statistics collected by individuals or researchers to answer certain problems that they want to address. However, data cannot stand alone. It will not make sense unless they are organized to be grasped by the researcher. Because of this, software programmers built Excel, a data visualization and analysis tool. 

But Excel is not an all-good medium. It also has its consequences that can be damaging not just to your data but to your whole device. Viruses can cling to macros, referred to as mini-programs in your Excel. When that happens, it can corrupt your data and even affect other data run by your Excel software. 

How Do You Solve a Virus Problem? 

The best way to mitigate the virus problem is to convert Excel to PDF. This way, all the data and elements in your Excel file will be remade in a clean PDF file with no risk of virus. To do this, you will need to pay for other software, which can be costly. More so, software installation may not be the best resort if you do not want to undergo the hassle process. 

Another option is to use the web to search for converters. Sure enough, there are hundreds of converters that will emerge. However, you have to also check the reliability of that certain platform, especially that issues regarding privacy and malware are prevalent on the web. Today,  we will be introducing a reliable converter that offers quality service for cheap. 

GogoPDF: A User-Friendly Platform

GogoPDF is the best way to go when it comes to file conversion. It serves a wide range of purposes, including conversions from Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, Word to PDF, and any other files. More so, it is also a tool that permits its users to make edits in their PDF files ranging from changing the orientation, modifying the spaces and paragraphs, adding texts and images, etc. 

GogoPDF has a lot to offer, indeed. Not just that, the creators make sure that the users will have the best experience in availing their services. To start with their web design; It is one of the most user-friendly platforms on the internet. Everything is sleek and simple, so it is not just easy to understand but easy to navigate as well. 

Accurate and Straightforward

Besides being straightforward, the processing of the platform will not take too much of anyone’s time. This is favorable as compared to software that needs installation and demands updates. The processing will not last more than two minutes, so you can indeed submit your paper on the intended deadline. 

Aside from the previously mentioned features, it also ensures that the quality of the raw Excel file is not lost. This means that the elements, including the numbers and tables, are intact. This is an essential feature since some converters do not have as much accuracy in preserving raw files’ properties.

Safe to Use

The safety of the customer is also given the highest consideration by the creators. Since privacy issues have always been raised in the prevalence of Internet use, the website ensures that its privacy policy caters to the best interest of its users gearing towards privacy protection. If you are scared of uploading personal stuff online, this website is for you.  

To uphold the value of privacy, everything that the users will upload on the server is encrypted with the website’s outstanding technology. Therefore it is safe from unauthorized leakage and misuse. To further ensure safety, the website ensures that all data uploaded on their server will be deleted an hour after the conduct of the process. Hence, you are safe. 

Universal and Accessible

The software is good. But when you have too much in your device, it will slow down the performance, which might be a hassle, especially when you are the type of person always in a hurry. With GogoPDF, you would not have to use your device’s storage; with your internet alone, you can access the services offered by the platform. 

GogoPDF can also run among various devices, operating systems, and browsers, even those that are not used conventionally by the majority. So if you are doubtful that your device might be incompatible with the website, you will be assured that GogoPDF will work smoothly and without malfunctions with your device. 

How to Convert Your Excel to PDF With GogoPDF? 

The instructions are easy to follow. It consists of four steps that will not require you to have any background or expertise in dealing with websites and computers. 

  1. For the first step, select the Excel file that you want to convert as a PDF. 
  2. The second step is  where the actual conversion will occur, wherein the website ensures that no viruses or malware will get attached to your new PDF file. 
  3. For the third step, you will be doing your part, and that is by waiting. It rests assured that your waiting time would not be too long since the website ensures high-speed processing. 
  4. For the last step of the process, the website will lead you to the page where you can download the PDF version of your Excel. You can also send it via email or share it on social media. 


Excel is an excellent tool for data processing and analysis, but if it sometimes risks your device to catch viruses that may affect not just your data but your device’s performance, it is high time that you know what the alternatives are. Using GogoPDF, you can preserve all the elements of your Excel without the risk of getting your device infected by a virus. 

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