Best Tech Gadgets for Writers

A writer’s job isn’t an easy one. Being a writer requires long hours at a desk and a variety of deadlines they must keep up with on any given day. Chances are a writer isn’t going to have a normal work week as compared to other professions. If you are looking to get a piece of technology that can help to ease the struggles of the job, then there are many great products for writers on NetBookNews and some of them are listed below here.

The Best Tech Gadgets for Writers

Besides the laptop for writing, other tech gadgets are handy for a writer to have, and here are some of them.

1- Samsers Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard With Stand Holder

This keyboard is not your standard wireless keyboard. What you get here is a tiny keyboard that folds up and fits in your back pocket. Since inspiration can come from anywhere, having this with you at all times is very handy. Turn anywhere you are into the perfect place to write by pulling out this tiny keyboard and wirelessly hooking it up to your smartphone to start writing.

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2- The Everlast Notebook

This notebook will provide you with a writing experience you have never had before. Though the Everlast notebook and pen give you that traditional pen-to-paper feel, it is designed for the digital and environmentally friendly age. This notebook is reusable, allowing you to write endlessly. You can connect what you write to any cloud service you prefer and have a digital copy of everything you put down.

The Pen is from Pilot Frixion, and it will apply to the Everlast paper like any pen would to any other paper. However, you add a drop of water and everything you write erases, and you can start all over again — a great digital gift for the modern writer.

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3- EchoSmart Pen

Once in a while, inspiration will hit, and you quickly jot down what you are thinking. However, when you go back to find what you wrote down, it is gone. This smartpen is designed with handwriting recognition software, and it can store up to 800 pages of writing when offline. Once back online, you can view your writing in real-time on your smartphone or laptop. The battery in this pen will last you up to eight hours of continuous use. Furthermore, you can translate your writing with this pen in up to 40 different languages.

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4- USB Microphone

As writers are starting to take advantage of handwriting recognition software, they are also learning the benefits of voice recognition software. A USB microphone allows you to speak into your device and have your words translated to writing. Using this advanced software, you can speak into your microphone and watch it turn into text on the page that can be edited and manipulated according to your desire.

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5- Vertical Ergonomic Wireless Rechargeable Mouse

All respectable writers are going to spend countless hours at their desks for computers. Part of those hours includes mercilessly clicking around the internet, word pages, and much more with their mouse. After prolonged periods of time doing the same things every day, a writer can develop serious injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury.  

The best way to prevent these types of injuries is by getting an ergonomic mouse. These mouses have a vertical design that helps to keep your wrist comfortable and allow you to work longer without feeling the strain. The buttons are strategically placed to make browsing faster. Furthermore, this mouse helps you to regulate the speed of your cursor by pressing on the DPI button that gives you various settings.

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6- Varidesk Standing Desk

One of the biggest occupational hazards for the modern writer is the amount of time spent writing at a desk and sitting there. Sitting all day can cause back problems, hand problems, postural problems; you name it. Many issues come with sitting all day long. Therefore, having a standing desk allows you to keep working while providing you a bit of time off your butt and on your feet. A standing desk will move upwards when you want to keep working while standing and downwards when you want to sit again.

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7- Coffee Maker

Let’s face it; you spend hours writing every day, and coffee is your go-to beverage. Therefore, a good coffee maker like a Tassimo or a Keurig is the ideal coffee maker for the writer. Having instant brewed coffee at your fingertips when you need it is every writer’s dream. Writing can get monotonous after a while and that is why having a good cup of joe when you want one is a great gadget for the writer.

The Keurig and the Tassimo allow you to brew coffee with the touch of a button. The only extra work required by the writer is to put the capsule in and press the button. Wait one minute and you have a freshly brewed coffee that you can then flavor to taste. These coffee makers are perfect when working alone and at a computer all day long. Additionally, they are small enough to fit nicely in any office space.

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5- Noise Cancelling Headphones

Writing sometimes needs avid concentration and that means ignoring what is going on around you and focusing. When this happens even the smallest noise can be a distraction. Therefore, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones is a great way to help the writer cancel out what is going on around them and focus on what they are trying to do. Furthermore, these noise-canceling headphones are also great when you have specific music you like to listen to when writing.

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A writer has a tedious job that is both rewarding and challenging. To make the life of a writer easier, many new gadgets are coming on the market that can help them to focus. Making use of any of the above gadgets, the writer will be able to simplify their job and get the work done easier.

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