The Best Stiletto Knife in CS:GO

The stiletto knife has always been one of the primary melee choices of CS:GO players since its introduction in 2018, as it offers the best of both worlds: style and power. The Stiletto is a no-brainer for anyone who enjoys their CS:GO fast-paced and action-packed. This kind of high-quality knife needs a tough skin, and the Stiletto has plenty of it.

Here are some of the coolest skins you can rock with your Stilettos and make the most out of your CS:GO knife-wielding experience.


Price: $388.76

No surprises here; the Doppler is at the top of our list, and for good reason. I mean, just look at these Stiletto knife CSGO skins. It has been painted with metallic black and silver before being sugar-coated, also referred to as an “anodized multicolored” style. Rumor has it that this knife is so sharp that you might get cut just from staring at it for too long.

With a drop chance of just 0.26%, the Doppler has a Covert rarity. The Float Value ranges from 0.00 to 0.08, indicating that the skin is available as Factory New and Minimal Wear. 

The prices for the two wear types are:

  • Minimal Wear: $388.76
  • Factory New: $453.70

Marble Fade

Price: $417

This one’s a beauty too! Similar to the Doppler, the Marble Fade has also been marbleized using metallic black and silver colors. But what makes it unique is the candy coating on top. Those colors are red, yellow, and blue, but the look of the fade finish is affected by its pattern index. One might find these colors and the pattern inviting or fun, but beware; looks can be deceiving.

With a float value in the 0.00 to 0.08 range, you can only find this skin in Factory New and Minimal Wear versions. The skin also has a Covert rarity. 

But wait, I know what you’re thinking. Where on earth can you find any of these knives for the prices? It almost seems too good to be true. The answer to that question is not Steam, but a reliable third-party marketplace, where along with the Stiletto knife skins mentioned in this article, you’ll find countless others at prices much lower than what is offered on Steam. 

Tiger Tooth

 Price: $359.82

Let’s be honest, the Tiger Tooth makes any knife look 10x sicker, but the Stiletto with the Tiger Tooth decal is a match made in heaven. The anodized orange finish etched with the beautiful metallic black stripes makes it look both mesmerizing and fierce. Much like the tiger, the possessor of this skin becomes bloodthirsty, always looking for the next prey.

This knife skin is only available in Factory New and Minimal Wear, with a Float Value in the 0.00 to 0.08 range. The rarity of the skin is Covert. 

Damascus Steel

Price: $214.83

Forged by the forgotten methods of olden Arabia, the Damascus Steel stiletto knife is certainly meant to make a statement wherever it goes. Featuring a beautiful combination of a rustic brown texture with a shimmery, silver-ish hue of Damascus Steel, this knife truly portrays an aura of luxury and intrigue like no other.

Arabia is known for its fierce warriors, and it is clear that this knife encompasses a true warrior’s spirit and echoes it in the most delightful way possible. In all honesty, we wouldn’t mind being stabbed by this knife (in the game, of course.) 


Price: $864.51

Want to be the talk of the town and have the pizzazz to prove it? Welcome Fade, a multi-colored knife that’s surely going to get some heads spinning. With its industrial, metallic, shimmery finish – it is clear that this knife is here to make a banger of a statement.

The tip of the knife starts from a light purple and goes all the way to a light yellow with alternating hues of red in between. The knife slightly resembles the Marble Fade in its color scheme but instead opts for a less pronounced look with the colors teeming in with each other rather than standing out as its cousin.

All in all, if you are looking for a more subtle flex while still being cherished by the eyes, the Fade has got you covered.


Price: $202.70

If you truly are a sucker for more grounded colors, the Ultraviolet should be a no-brainer for you. Featuring a matte black finish coupled with a striking violet / purplish finish really keeps the charm of the knife alive whilst giving it that oomph so it always stands out in competitive matches.

While the purple may seem like it’s not sprinkled around as much, in our opinion, it adds to the overall grandeur of the knife and adds a tad bit of elegance if we do say so ourselves. It is also one of the most purchased stiletto knives of all time, which means it has the highest trading volume compared to other knives in this list. 

So, you’ll be able to get the knife at a relatively reasonable rate and will also be able to trade it quickly compared to some of the other knives that may have less market demand. This is primarily because the knife carries a minimalistic look that can suit everyone’s inventory instead of appealing to a certain demographic who values a singular aesthetic over everything else.


Stilleto knives will remain a staple piece in the CS:GO community. Known for their relative tameness compared to other knife types, the Stilleto type is an absolute classic for anyone who has played CS:GO for more than a year or two.

With one of the most intricate yet decent designs out there, picking out a Stilleto knife can feel tough at first. But, once you set your heart on the right one – there’s absolutely no coming back from it whatsoever. 

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