Best Domain Guide: What you Need to Know About Domain

What should we pay attention to when buying a domain and which steps should we follow? We have compiled the best domain guide for you.

The widespread use of the internet increases the importance of terms and concepts related to websites. Domain, web server, different types of servers and similar internet elements are now widely used. Today, even only internet users want to have a general knowledge of these concepts. In this direction, we have listed for you what you need to know about the domain name.

How does the domain work?

Visitors who want to visit your website type your website domain name into their browser. The domain name they type is shared with the global server network that creates DNS. Global servers look at name lovers for domain names and forward visit requests to the servers. For example, a visitor who wants to visit types “”, so the process we mentioned starts.

Domain addresses are managed by hosting providers. Your website hosting provider sends the request from the visitor to the computer where your website is stored. These computers are also called web servers. These servers use software like Apache or Nginx. In this way, the information on your website is sent back to the visitor’s internet browser, and thus your visitors log into your website.

What are the domain types?

There are domain name types that offer quite different services from each other. Although we see that the “.com” domain extension is used more frequently, various domain name types such as “.org” or “.net” are also frequently used. Some of these domain types are:

What is Top Level Domain (TLD)?

Top-level domains, as you can figure out from the name, are the type of domain name that is in the top layer of the domain triangle. Top-level domains also fall into quite different branches, but the most common top-level domains are: “.com”, “.org”, “.net”.

The official lists of top-level domains are managed by the Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which includes TLDs, ccTLDs, and gTLDs. You can view top-level domain names from this institution.

What is a Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD)?

Generic top-level domains are essentially a variation of top-level domains that do not need country codes. These domain names are mostly designed for private uses. For example; The “.edu” extension is used by educational institutions or the “.gov” extension is used by military institutions. Apart from this, no criteria are sought to create a general top-level domain name registration. For this reason, the “.com” extension is not only used for commercial purposes.

What is Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)?

Internet country area codes contain international country codes and consist of only two letters. For example, the “.tr” area code is the area code used by the Republic of Turkey. Internet country area codes are mostly used by companies that want to create special sites in certain regions and thus indicate that their visitors are at the right address.

What is a Non-Sponsored Top Level Domain (uTLD)?

A non-sponsored top-level domain is a subset of generic top-level domains. Non-sponsored top-level domains are unrestricted generic top-level domains that can be used by domain name companies such as “.com” or “.info”.

When domains were introduced in 1980, there were a total of seven generic top-level domains, and only three of these domains could be registered unrestrictedly. Most users turned to the “.com” extension with the scarcity of top-level domain name options. For this reason, many domain name registration companies and their users generally prefer the “.com” extension.

What is a Second Level Domain?

Second-level domains are located just below top-level domains. Their usage in general can be shown with the following example: “”. This usage pattern is used by British companies. “” is used by British government agencies. “” is also used by British academic institutions. It is possible to see these usage patterns on Turkish websites as well. For example, Turkish government institutions have websites with the extension “”.

Things are Required to Choose a Domain

You should think carefully and do research when you choose a domain. In addition, there are many important points that you should pay attention to.

Check if the domain name you are going to buy is used. Buying a domain name that is already in use can cause trouble, and it can also harm you financially.

Keep your data private. Many companies can offer domain names cheaply. However, you should be careful about this, because if you buy a domain name very cheaply, your company may be selling your information to other companies. For this reason, you should read the service and security terms of the company you will make an agreement with them.

Choose a domain name that you can use for a long time in domain name selection. You can change your domain name later, but this may cause a decrease in the number of visitors.

You should choose a domain name that is easy to write, understand and read when buying your domain name. If your domain name is entered incorrectly in browsers, your visitors may be redirected to the wrong sites, and this will affect you badly.

Be alert for hidden fees. You should read the terms of service well. Even though it is cheap to buy a domain name, some companies may charge a high fee to re-buy your domain name when it expires.

How to Get Domain?

It is important to buy a domain name by considering the criteria highlighted above when creating your website. Many companies help you get a domain name. At this point, choosing the right company will prevent you from having problems in the next steps. is a reliable company that will help you in this direction.

Buying a New Domain

You can easily get your domain name from the websites of different companies. However, we would like to remind you that you should first check whether your domain name is suitable. If your domain name is not suitable, you can create a new one, use variations or negotiate with the person using your domain name.

Buying a Registered Domain (Second Hand Domain)

If you want to buy an already existing domain name, you can do so from the digital websites of various companies. You can buy or sell the domain name by filling in the necessary information by clicking on the tabs for domain names sold, domains sold, and similar.

Buying a Domain at an Auction

Domain names can be purchased and sold at auctions. The prices ​​of domain names are affected by factors such as their retention, and how well they rank in browsers. Even if you buy it for a few dollars, you can sell a domain name to the right person for very high fees, or you may have to buy a very high amount from someone who has already bought it. Therefore, domain names are auctioned. This gives domain name owners the opportunity to earn large amounts of money. Again, you can view the domain names that are auctioned from different sites or you can put your own domain name on these websites.

What are Domain Extensions?

There are many domain name extensions that are actively used. We have listed the use areas of these extensions for you:

  • The “.com” extension is preferred by commercial organizations and commercial individuals.
  • The “.org” extension is used by non-profit organizations.
  • The “.ac” extension is used by academic websites. For example; universities.
  • “.k12” is used by kindergarten, elementary school, primary school, high school, secondary school, and equivalent educational institutions.
  • “” is used by official institutions whose extension is registered in the Trade Registry Gazette.
  • “.net” is used by service providers and service providers.
  • “.gov” is used by government-owned entities.
  • “.edu” is used by educational organizations.
  • “.biz” is preferred as this extension type does not generally offer registration requirements. It is generally used by companies with international organizations.
  • “.info”, on the other hand, is mostly used by people or institutions with information content.
  • “.name” is used by people who will use a real person’s name in their domain name.
  • “.travel” is used by organizations providing travel services.
  • “.xyz” is often used by adult websites.
  • “.shop” is used by websites established for digital commercial purposes (e-commerce sites).

Most Popular Domain Extensions

While there are many domain extensions, some of them are used at a much higher rate. Here are some popular domain extensions in order:

  • “.com”
  • “.net”
  • “.organ”
  • “.co”
  • “.base”

You need to get support from a company that provides quality service in order to have the best domain. At this point, will offer you the service and support you want. You can have many different domain extensions thanks to, you can buy the domain you have decided on by querying.

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