7 ASO Tips to Increase Organic Installs

A strong ASO / App Store Optimization strategy can be beneficial if you seek a higher number of application downloads. In the competitive race of close to 5 million applications and games, boost your application ratings and make a statement to stand out in the rat race.

Before diving right into it, let us understand what ASO is:

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a strategy to reduce expenses while boosting downloads, visibility, and income.

Potential users will be more likely to see an application if it ranks higher in the application store’s search results. Google estimates that 65% of applications are found through application store searches. 

Implement the following 7 steps to take action and improve the exposure and eventual discoverability of an application.

1- Refine the ASO

To achieve the goal of increasing Organic Instals, it is essential to learn how to optimise your applications for the application store.

The most important question is:  What drives an application download?

  • Usability: How useful the application will likely be in managing particular tasks.
  • Buzz Marketing: Word of mouth undoubtedly has an impact on the number of application downloads.
  • Advertisements: The curiosity sparked by the ads.
  • Chart ratings: Users become more curious about an application if they notice it featured on the Application Store.
  • Social Media: Social Media Popularity
  • Other Factors:  Users can download the application for reasons not on the list as well.

When you divide visitors by installers, you get the conversion rate of an application. Your ranking is influenced by the total number of downloads. The more downloads, the higher the ranking will be. Avoid attempting to manipulate the search algorithms, as the rankings will be badly impacted by robotic downloads, spam, etc.

2- Create a Unique and Original Application Title

The application’s title determines whether users address it actively or passively and whether they recognise it by name. Therefore, picking a name for your application that is both unique and relevant is crucial if you want it to remain in users’ minds. Making it concise, clear, and relevant to the application’s purpose is the best course of action for this. However, studies suggest that incorporating keywords in the title of your application can boost its ranking by 10%.

3- Improving Customer Reviews and Ratings

The decisions made by new users are heavily influenced by customer ratings and reviews. By providing the current users with excellent customer service, the problem can be solved and the ratings raised. When evaluating the application’s rating based on numerous criteria, the search algorithm also takes user reviews into account.

4- Make an Application Icon

Here are a few pointers to pay attention to while designing the application icon. Maintain simplicity. Use a common image on a backdrop of just one colour. Don’t use 3D effects. Choose one feature that represents your application the best, be specific, and emphasise that one feature.

5- Description of the Application in an App Store

Start the description of your application with an engaging call to action. It’s important to remember that in 255 key characters, we must convey the purpose of the application and why the user needs it. To better understand what your customer is looking for, imagine yourself from their perspective.

The first sentence, which is typically three lines long, is the most significant part of the application description. According to studies, the majority of people decide by reading the introduction rather than clicking “read more.” Hence, it is crucial to start the application description with a compelling statement that introduces consumers to the application and clearly states its goal.

6- Social Media Marketing

One of the most economical marketing strategies available today is social networking. Effective social media usage can help generate considerable results in terms of visibility and interest in the product. application developers can make use of the viral loop in social media to generate more traffic. 

The term “viral loop” describes the ripple effect generated by users sharing their experiences on social media, which encourages others in their network to use the product and share their own experiences, which in turn increases visibility and downloads.

7- Collaborations and Promotions

Finally, we’ll talk about collaborations and promotions as a way to increase application instals organically. This is feasible through working together with another application or business by identifying complementary players in the market segments and cross-promote the product, along with good discounts and other offers.

Closing Remarks

The process of increasing application downloads is not always effortless. However, you’ll see a significant improvement in downloads and application store rankings if you utilise these pointers and methodologies. When implementing these tactics, never forget to consider the preferences of your target audience. 

Fawad Malik

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