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Apple’s iOS 18 – The Biggest Upgrade in iPhone History

Apple is looking forward to launching its most advanced operating system, called iOS 18. It is expected to be the biggest software update in the history of the iPhones. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has confirmed the details that the company will announce this advanced OS at its annual WWDC event, which usually occurs in June. This is one of the biggest news after Gurman’s announcement a few months ago when he revealed that Apple was hoping for a new and most advanced iOS 18 operating system for iPhones and iPads.

New Features

Apple, one of the most renowned names in the world of technology, is working on the iOS 18 OS as per the latest details. The company is making efforts to develop a newer version of the Siri which will work on the advanced AI algorithms and systems. Also, Apple will launch some new features that will improve Siri’s and Messages’ ability to complete sentences automatically. 

Besides, Apple Music is expected to get some incredible improvements, enabling it to generate playlists on its own. The company has leveraged the idea of auto-generated playlists from Spotify. The new announcements have also confirmed that the iOS 18 version will feature the integration of generative AI into tools like Xcode. Other apps, including the likes of Pages and keynotes, will also work on this technology.

RCS Support

iOS 18 will also come up with RCS support. Apple has previously revealed that it is finding ways to add support for the RCS standards on iOS devices in 2024. The company stated at that time that its RCS universal profile possess the ability to deliver an enhanced interoperability experience as compared to SMS or MMS. The upcoming operating system for iPhones will depict this feature. However, you must know that no matter if Apple adopts the RCS support, the iPhone will still show the incoming messages from Android users in green bubbles.

Mark Gurman Statement

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg was the first to report the news of Apple launching an iOS 18 version. He recently stated that he sees the upcoming iOS updates as one of the major ones that has ever happened in the company’s history. Furthermore, Gurman said that the update will come in June 2024 on the WWDC event. With this reference, it would be worth watching the conference of Apple’s developers scheduled this summer.

Future Prospects

Apple’s iOS 18 will come in June 2024. Still, there is a big gap between the launching of this world’s most advanced iPhone operating system. While the company is making continuous efforts to improve the quality and functionality of this version, tech geeks are eagerly waiting for it. Thus, it could be worth enjoying the thrill until the official announcement.

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