The Unsent Project – Everything You Need to Know

Unsent Project is a website unique to collecting the unsent messages of lovers. They collect these messages and put them on display for the world to see. The project was started by artist Rora Blue, who was processing her first love experience and sharing her unsent texts. If you’re curious to see what other people have sent but never sent, or if you want to share your unsent messages with the world, then it is the only best platform to provide you with all your favorite unsent messages.

The Unsent Project – An Overview

Rora Blue, the artist behind Unsent Project, started the website in 2015 to process her first love experience. The project has since grown to include unsent messages from people worldwide. Anybody can post their first love unsent messages without revealing their identity.  There are almost more than five million submissions of unsent messages in this project.

Here, the term arises from an unsent message; many people are unfamiliar with the actual meaning of this according to the context. Unsent messages are written and not delivered to the receiver or lover due to some privacy or law concern. You did not send the message to your loved one; these are valuable worth reading texts. The Unsent Project includes all these messages in it.

Pros and Cons of The Unsent Project:


  • Cathartic Outlet
  • Anonymity
  • Artistic Expression
  • Emotional Validation
  • Diverse Content


  • Limited Interaction
  • Subjectivity

Importance of Unsent Message Project:

In the Unsent Project, You’ll find all types of unsent message projects. Some are sweet, some funny, and some downright sad. But all of them offer a glimpse into the private thoughts and feelings of the people who wrote them.

It is essential because it provides a space to share their most intimate thoughts and feelings. It’s a place where people can be honest about their fears, hopes, and dreams. It is a reminder that we all have a story to tell.

If you feel brave, you can even submit your unsent message to the Unsent Project. Maybe your message will help somebody else feel less alone in this world. By addressing each letter to the recipient’s first name, you can search for your name and see if anyone is thinking of you.

How to Find a Huge Collection of Text Messages:

Go to, and start scrolling down to explore the collection of unsent messages project. There is an endless list of messages in the scrolling that you can’t read thoroughly. One of the best features of the website is that you can also search by your name to find messages that are associated with your name.

Those interested in submitting their unsent messages can do this easily. This doesn’t take too much time or your identity. You’ve to put your love, first name, and unsent message and choose a color that matches perfectly with the message and grabs the people’s attention.

Rora Blue – Artist Behind Unsent Project

Rora Blue, the founder, says I created the Unsent Project to process my experience with my first love. I hoped to connect with other people and learn about their similar experiences. I had no idea this would be something many people could relate to. Giving others a place to be themselves without fear of judgment was delightful.

She explained the mystery of colors with feelings, and that I have always had different emotions associated with various colors, so I wondered if other people did, too. Do we share certain feelings when we see specific colors? I looked at all the texts about their color palettes to investigate this. What I found was that there is a correlation between emotional tone and color choice.

Rora proclaimed that this project helps bring some ideas for someone reading assignments late at night. As she emphasizes, one who reads these alone has a more intimate reaction in his mind. These projects have different aspects and are not only limited to loved ones. In museums or work galleries, the appearance of colorful, unsent projects has a different impact on the viewers.

Influence on Social Media:

Social media was the only place that allowed Rora to spread her project worldwide. People worldwide started taking an interest in this newly introduced project. Many Tiktokers and content producers created videos and memes about these unsent methods.

Features of Unsent Project Website:

If we talk about the website, it holds user-friendly features that make the website’s usability enjoyable. The users stay longer at the website and become comfortable in the world of things that never happened to them.

Shop Your Favorite Unsent Project: 

The unsent project also provides the users an opportunity to buy their favorite message in original hard copy. It will make sense for them to be more emotional with that message. The company gives users a $10 per month subscription. One who subscribes will get:

  • 5 hand-picked projects associated with the color of the month
  • Exceptional and attractive projects
  • Rura detailed notes about color and the life

The company focuses on the color and the month because color significantly interferes with your life. A good color makes you smile, whereas a wrong color disappoints you. Depending on the season and month, the company is willing to send multiple unsent projects, depending on the scenery.

The Verdict:

Hence, going through different features and working modules of the unsent project, we can say that it is one of the leading platforms to enhance the user expectations of their loved ones funnily. This will be helpful for them to remove frustration and dive into the emotional world. This is one of the most exceptional platforms of its kind. There is no alternative or website similar to this platform. So, it has become the user’s attention center for reading messages.


What is The Unsent Project?

The Unsent Project is a collection of over 5,000,000 unsent text messages to first loves, submitted anonymously from people worldwide.

Can I see the submitted messages on social media?

Yes, you can follow The Unsent Project on Instagram (@theunsentproject) to explore and engage with the collection of unsent text messages.

What does The Unsent Project TikTok reference?

There is no direct reference to TikTok in the official information of The Unsent Project. Any claims related to unsent messages on TikTok might be independent of the project itself.

What is the origin and history of The Unsent Project?

The project consists of a website and physical collages displaying over one million text messages. It originated as a collection of unsent messages to first loves

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