Types of Night Vision Devices You Should Have

Do you know why night vision devices were created? It was to help spot some enemies in the dark. Just imagine this, those who had to participate in different wars had to gauge if there are enemies nearby. They did not have any gadgets to help them out.

When the first generation night vision devices were released, people were happy. Yet, they also knew that it would be hard to bring these devices into combat. There were only a few chosen people who were tasked to carry this. Others had to listen to the instructions and directions that will be given to them. So much has changed since then. Right now, a long-range night vision weapon sight can be used by hunters. You can just imagine how ideal this can be for you if you love hunting at night.

The Generations of Night Vision Devices

A lot of changes have occurred. Night vision devices now are highly regarded by people. They are now available to those who are not part of the military. There are three different generations of night vision devices. The first generation is the oldest. While the third generation is the newest.

1st Generation

This is probably the easiest to find in the market. They are also the most affordable. If you are a hobbyist or you just want to see better at night, 1st generation night vision devices will already be ideal for you. Most of them are easy to operate too. You will not have a hard time trying to use them.

2nd Generation

One of the most obvious changes to 2nd generation night vision devices is the addition of residual light. Different upgrades are available. For example, some that are considered as 2nd Gen + and 2nd Gen HD. These versions are going to provide higher resolutions. Some people say that they would rather buy 2nd hand of 2nd generation items to save money.

3rd Generation

Let us say that you would like AGM Global Vision night vision devices. There are various ones that you can find right now. Some will be more updated than the rest. Generation 3-night vision devices are more expensive because of the added technology to make them better. Gallium Arsenide has been added to the image plates and this has resulted in crisper and clearer images. Just imagine how clear things would be at night through 3rd generation night vision devices. One thing that you should remember is that this is not readily available to just anyone. Only a few people will have access to this.

You can consider different factors so that you can choose the right night vision device. Some are so expensive and will not be worth it. Especially if you are just going to use the night vision device as a hobby.

Types of Night Vision Devices You Can Get

Now that you have an idea about the evolution of night vision devices, you can start learning more about the different gadgets to choose from. Seeing in the dark can be fun especially when you are comfortable in using the type of night vision device that you have.

Digital Night Vision

Not everyone is familiar with this type of night vision device. This makes use of digital CCD. This means that it would be using some mechanisms that are similar to digital cameras. You can expect that the quality of the images that you will see will be similar to the images you will take with your digital camera too. This is one of the best ones to use when you do not want anything too sensitive or too expensive.

Infrared Illuminators

There are different devices right now that rely on infrared to provide the images that you need. Some of these devices will already come with their own infrared. You do not need to connect to these lights anymore. Take note that LED and laser technologies can also fall under this type. These are more prevalent in the market right now.

Thermal Imaging

This is popular among people who do not want to rely on the light all the time. Thermal imaging needs to rely on the temperature being emitted by living things. It will show the temperature of living things. This can be very helpful whenever people go hunting. Thermal imaging may also show the shape of the object so that it will be easier to determine what type of animal can be seen on the scope. The detectors being used by thermal imaging are more advanced as compared to the other types of night vision devices. It makes use of bolometers.


Just remember that there are different things that you should consider before getting the right night vision devices for your needs. Are you ready to pick the best ones? Hopefully, the details that are mentioned above will help you out.

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