Top Rated Games of 2024 So Far

Many games were released in 2023 that were considered for the Game of the Year award, and it appears that 2024 will deliver more of the same. Even though the majority of the games were sequels or re-releases, there are a few noteworthy new releases that you should play if you haven’t already; these are the titles that both players and critics are praising.

Over the past ten years, gaming has become increasingly popular, with both professional and casual players contributing substantial amounts of money to the sector. Whether you enjoy playing slot games like Gates of Olympus, a fan of simple smartphone game apps, or wish to hone your driving skills in a racing game, there are hundreds of releases coming out this year that you need to play. Top 5 of them are listed below:

1- Pacific Drive

This is a game that combines typical driving mechanics with problem solving and survival, all set in some kind of post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest background.

You are trying to escape the oddly desolate Olympic Exclusion Zone, which appears to be not only completely irradiated but also full of weird and truly creepy phenomena. Not only to drive the car to get out (eventually), but you also need to find supplies, tools, and equipment to continuously fix and upgrade the beat-up old station wagon that is the only barrier between you and what lurks outside. It is slow, atmospheric, and creepy, yet it is still one of the best driving simulators out there, even if that is not the main aim of the game.

2- Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Gothic romance is not a typical genre for a modern video game, and yet Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is exactly that. A slow burn role playing game that is designed to make you think, this game is more than just a convoluted story.

You play as Red and Antea, a couple who are exorcists, sent to colonial New England to deal with a ghost problem. The haunting is complex; the exorcism goes wrong, and Antea dies. Now, as Red, you must decide whether you banish your wife, the love of your life, from the world where she is currently a ghost, or whether you use your knowledge of the occult to bring her back. All the while you are dealing with hauntings, ghosts, and other spooky happenings where teamwork is really the only way to get through.

3- Tekken 8

Can’t have a list of top-rated games without getting into something that is a sequel to one of the best-known games on the planet, and this is Tekken 8. This fighting game has really stood the test of time, and for the developers the challenge was to make something new and exciting that still held all the shine of the original.

In Tekken 8, you get access to 32 characters –  some new, and most are originals. The original characters have access to new moves and combos, and when this is combined with the all-new fighting mechanics, every battle feels like an adrenaline-fuelled slugfest. One of the best features of this game is the online multiplayer, where you can enter the Tekken Fight Lounge and interact with other avatars in a lavish arcade setting, before setting up huge, exciting fights.

4- Palworld

For a game still in early access, Palworld has already made headlines and not always for the right reasons. 8 million copies of this game were sold in the first six days from release, and players range from youngsters who love the bright colours and cute characters, to serious gamers who really appreciate the influence of some of the biggest games in recent years to the game.

This is a survival game, much like Minecraft or Fortnite. You’ll explore the map, build a camp, and try to level up your character, but you will need the help of critters known as Pals (yes, they look like Pokémon, no, apparently it isn’t some sort of copyright infringement).

Some might find the combination of Zelda, Fortnite, and Pokémon a bit overwhelming, but most players are taking it as a fun way to play with friends. For those looking to enhance their gaming experience, Palworld by Lavicheats can provide valuable playing resources and tips.

5- Unicorn Overlord

Another RPG, but this time high fantasy. The storyline might be familiar, a disowned royal raises a rebel army to take back their crown, but the execution of Unicorn Overlord makes it so much more. Unlike other, similar, games in the fantasy RPG genre, you don’t get hours of cutscene lore dumping, instead, you learn about the world around you through character interactions. In fact, the whole story is character driven, with some of the side quests being more fun (and more important) than the main arc of the story.

These are just 5 games, you can find plenty of games online that you can play to spend quality time. Hence, you should choose the right game as per your device and personal interests. Spending a lot of time on gaming can also make you addicted, so, maintain a healthy balance between gaming and everyday life.


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