TOP 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2024

In 2024, the gaming industry is waiting for a large number of new launches. These are games that can be played both online and alone. If you are a gaming geek and looking for the best entertaining games, we have got you covered. In this blog post, we have listed the 5 most anticipated games of the upcoming season.

1- Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Rocksteady Studio is working on the game, which gave us the legendary Batman trilogy. The last final part about the Dark Knight was released in 2015 and since then nothing has been heard from the studio. For a while, they were engaged in a completely new project and creating concepts for the Suicide Squad. Their new project was canceled in 2017 and since then the studio has actively started developing only Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The newest casinos even offer branded slots dedicated to this novelty. In addition, players can take free bonuses.

The game was officially announced back in 2019, it was planned to be released in 2021, but the release never took place, because the game was postponed to 2022. A few months before the release, the developers presented a full-fledged gameplay. People were shocked that the game was just packed with fanservice. Everything in it revolved around the terrifying grind. After a wave of discontent, it was decided to postpone the game for another year and postpone the release until February 2024.

The developers promised to change the basics and make them the same as in Hogwarts Legacy, for example. It’s hard to say what the developers will get in the end. At the moment, we only know that the developers from Rocksteady are really talented guys who know how to create real masterpieces.

The game has a huge budget, it has been created for almost 10 years. Even if the developers fail to radically change the grind system, we will still get a very cool action game in a large open world with a huge number of advantages and cool gameplay. 

2- Silent Hill 2 Remake

How long has everyone been waiting for the return of the legendary Silent Hill franchise. This franchise has hardly appeared in the gaming information field for about 10 years. It would seem that despite its cult status, everything has long been forgotten. But last year she was resurrected and not just resurrected, but made a comeback and we immediately announced as many as three new games in the Silent Hill universe.

Firstly, a full version of Uniform with the title F. came out, and then the online game Silent Hill 2 was announced but the most important thing is that the full-fledged version of the remake of Silent Hill 2 has been announced. A remake came out this year, but for unknown reasons, it failed to be finished and was left incomplete. However, at these events, nothing has been revealed about one of the greatest titles in PC gaming history- Silent Hill 2. There was neither talk about new trailers filmmakers even to their teasers. There has been no showcase in the result which we can only believe to and look forward to the release of Silent Hill 2 in 2024.

3- Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

This is probably one of the most long-suffering games of recent years. It was originally announced in March 2019. The first year of development after the announcement went pretty well. The game was fully demonstrated in early 2020, the gameplay was shown, the release date was announced and even pre-orders were opened for all available editions of the game.

Nothing foreshadowed trouble and the game was confidently moving towards its release. But then there was a scandal and hell. The main screenwriter and concurrently the main game designer were accused of sexual harassment. As a result, he left the project, the team began to fall apart, the projects could not be put together, so the publishers decided to transfer the development of the entire game to another studio.

The release date was postponed indefinitely, of course. A year later, the new team was also unable to figure out the project and it was again transferred to another studio. And now the new studio has made itself felt. Most recently, in early September, they released a new trailer. It was the first in the last 3 years and in the same trailer they announced that the development process is on schedule and the game will be fully released at the end of 2024. So it looks like she’s going to see the light after all.

We hope that, as in the case of Dead Island 2, transferring development from hand to hand will not greatly harm the project, but on the contrary will make it better. Such a development is of course unlikely, but the case of Dead Island 2 showed that this is quite possible and the game can turn out very, very good, even despite these problems.

4- Little Nightmares 3

Little Nightmares 3 is the sequel to a great adventure game that captivated with its atmosphere, gameplay and design. The first part immediately became very successful, then its success was multiplied by the second part, which became better in everything than the first. And now the third part should consolidate the success and also become even better.

Among the most obvious innovations in the third part will be a full-fledged cooperative. The game can be played completely with your girlfriend or friend, both on the same screen sitting on the same couch, and over the network. 

5- Avowed

After Microsoft bought Obsidian Studio, they said they needed a new open-world fantasy project. The first full-fledged Obsidian game with Microsoft funding was Avowed. It was announced in 2020, then there were 3 years of silence. This year we were shown a full-fledged gameplay, revealed a lot of details about the game and said that the development is moving strictly on schedule.

The trailer of the game looks very good. The game is very similar to Skyrim, so it will turn out to be a very high-quality fantasy in an open world with fully developed role-playing elements. The game is definitely worth adding to the list of expectations and looking forward to its release.

Ending Note

As we are in 2024, those who are eagerly waiting for new gaming releases should get ready for an unforgettable trip not only into the games they already know but also into a world full of new and great releases. Whether a sequel for a long-time fan or a genre-bending debut for a new player, this trend-setting blogpost will have immersion levels at a peak for any player. Alright then, let the buttons click, loads of games consoles, and ready, steady, go, guys! This year is all about blast!


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