Top 5 Roles of an AI Development Company in India to Improve Your Customer Experience

Those days are long gone when artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies used to look like rocket science to the masses. These days, slowly but continuously, “laymen” and business owners are “realizing” the potential of AI and ML technologies big time. Now, what does that mean? It means developers can implement artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in the different fields of “businesses” to optimize their output and boost their ROI. One “such” sector that can highly benefit from AI and ML models is the customer experience. Now you might be wondering “how,” right? So, we have explained below the difference an AI Development Company in India can make to your consumer’s delight in the easiest possible way. 


But before you go any further, let’s take a look at some vital statistics stating the need to focus on your customer experience enhancement as soon as possible.

1. 39% of buyers distance themselves from the merchant for approximately two years if they have a terrible experience with them.

2. 59% of consumers these days set higher service expectations from the brands than ever before

3. 86% of people are now willing to pay extra for getting a great customer experience

4. 50% of online users expect a quick response to their queries on social media sites 

5. 61% of shoppers switched brands because they received poor customer service from the previous one

Why must you focus on improving your customer experience?

If you have improved the user experience of your web app or website of late, you must realize that doing the same for your customer experience is equally important. “But why?” you might ask. Well, the latter can open myriads of business opportunities for you that you can leverage by putting just a bit extra effort into pleasing your customers. “But what do we need to do to achieve that?” you might ask. 

Well, it will help if you partner with a leading AI Development Company in India to develop systems that can understand your buyers better, generate interaction reports quicker, and assist you in creating a marketing strategy to offer a personalized experience to everyone. This way, you can have the edge over your competitors and gain higher success in the marketplace. 

How can a reputed AI Development Company in India take your customer experience to the next level?

Well, they can help you in:

1. Knowing your consumers better 

One of the most powerful reasons why you should count on artificial intelligence technology to enhance your shopper’s experience is that it provides you with real-time user data regarding their interactions. What else? It helps you analyse those data in real-time “so” you can stay well-informed about the change in behaviour and expectations of your valuable consumers. 

2. Making informed decisions

There are “times” when you want to improve your business processes but lack the right direction to make the right moves. In such cases, the data gathered by AI models can help you make better business decisions down the line “very” effortlessly. “But, how?” you might want to know. For that, AI systems peep into the user interaction history and the current market trends. Once it has done its research, you can use the available information to predict the future feature, functionality, and requirements of shoppers that will accelerate your business growth to a great extent. 

3. Boosting efficiency and productivity

Apart from all this, artificial intelligence also plays a crucial role in boosting the efficiency and productivity of your agency by focusing the solutions on customer experience improvement. Don’t you know how? “Well,” the deployment of AI-powered chatbots and self-running software automates the resolution of repetitive queries, translating into reduced time and effort required for the job. 

4. Streamlining purchase processes 

Nowadays, you might be experiencing a high cart abandonment rate due to various reasons like slow loading check-out pages or other complicated processes. In that situation, artificial intelligence technology can help you grasp the common challenges faced by buyers when placing orders and solve them immediately to offer a desirable buying experience, leading to low cart abandonment rates. 

5. Detecting malicious transactions 

Last but not least, artificial intelligence can also help you greatly when it comes to detecting fraudulent transactions on online platforms. Don’t you know how? Well, this technology is so powerful that it can collect, store, and compare users’ banking data in real-time and check for any suspicious activity to prevent malicious transactions before it occurs. 

The end remarks 

Up until now, we hope you acquired plenty of information through this article, be it the reasons to improve your buyer’s experience or the role artificial intelligence technology plays in it. So, if you liked this content piece and want to get artificial intelligence solutions now, please have a word with the cutting-edge AI Development Company in India. 

Ritu Sharma

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