The uRay- Disinfect Everything Effectively With This Handheld UV Cleanser

Since the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread, frequent disinfecting and cleaning homes, offices and other areas is more important than ever before to keep everyone healthy. As a result, the demand for products or solutions that promise to kill harmful bacteria and viruses has opened up infinite opportunities for the wider adoption of disinfection technologies. Tech and research vendors are investing more in the development of new technologies and tools to address complex challenges caused by the coronavirus and other deadly bacteria. Wolven Industries is one of them and has invented a smart disinfection solution named ‘the uRay’.

What Exactly the uRay is?

The uRay is a handheld, battery-powered, and LED-based UV cleanser disinfecting device that can kill up to 99.9% of microorganisms in a family safe way. The device is designed to effectively disinfect a variety of things including grocery store keywords, ATMs, toilets, kitchen counters, and more. The team of professionals at Wolven Industries has combined the power of UV-C with innovative safety features to kill deadly viruses and bacteria. Since UV technology is not new and has been the go-to solution for disinfection, their engineers have added advanced features in this UV cleanser to kill 99.99% of viruses including coronavirus. The advanced establishing standards and regulations ensure the safety of users while using the device for disinfection.

Features of the uRay: Handheld UV Cleanser, MK-7

Battery Powered and Rechargeable

Experts at Wolven Industries have designed this handheld, rechargeable, battery-powered, and LED-based UV cleanser surface disinfection device to solve all the disinfecting issues that no other device can. The device discharges 120mW output power of UV-C to kill all the viruses and bacteria on the surface or other things within a matter of seconds. The other disinfecting devices in the market are not that powerful to keep you away from viruses in a family-safe manner.

High Quality Disinfection

The device is designed with a prudently engineered reflecting sheet, that keeps the UV-C light to a narrow line to increase the intensity of light to enhance the disinfecting power of the device. As a result, the laser effect is generated to effectively disinfect the surfaces while strengthening the user’s grip on the device.

Enhanced User Safety

Since it is a handheld disinfecting device, it comes with several safety features to keep the user safe from hazards. The device features an infrared proximity sensor that measures and displays the distance between the surface the device. If there is an incorrect distance between the device or the surface to be disinfected, the UV-C light cannot be toggled-on to start the disinfection process. Another best thing about this infecting device is that the light emission is immediately stopped if the device is moved too close or too far from the surface you want to disinfect. The advanced accelerometer and gyroscope track the movement of the device properly and stop the light emission down quickly in case of an inappropriate movement. This helps users prevent from waving the device around in a way that could hurt sensitive parts of the body like the eyes.

Brighter LED Lights

The LED lights used in the device produce visible light in the same direction to serve as an indication for the existence of an invisible and dangerous UV-C light. LEDs produce green light during the disinfection process because human eyes are the most sensitive to this. And the green light can easily be seen even on a bright day to ensure users’ safety.

Pocket-Friendly Size with Greater Portability

The device is pocket-friendly and comes with greater portability. You can carry it anywhere anytime to keep the surroundings safe and protected from viruses. Be it a keyboard, pubic touch screen like ATM’s screen, or a bathroom’s seat, you can use this device to disinfect the surface effectively to reduce your exposure to viruses and bacteria.

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