The Future of Cryptocurrency: Will 2022 be the Year of Mark?

Are you wondering, as an investor, about the future of cryptocurrency? Then you have been in the right place. 

It is hard for new investors and experienced ones to predict the future of cryptocurrency. Even strong coins like Bitcoin and Etherium saw a high mark of fluctuations. We will discuss the nuances and possibilities of some mainstream coins and their impact on other alternative coins and the whole crypto market.

The cryptocurrency saw a high surge in the beginning and middle of 2021. With the rise of Bitcoin by 60 percent, Etherium by 400 percent, and Binance coin by 1300 percent, the investor and traders put a positive and hopeful mindset for the long-term capital gain. But will that hope stay? Let us see the prospects of this digital market.

The 2022 Crypto Market

Etherium, Litecoin, Etherium Cash, Bitcoin Cash, and others got a great hit throughout the year 2021. The Bitcoin got the value of 69000 USD in November 2021. At the same time, the price fell to 50000 USD at the end of the year. 

The same thing happened with the other coins also. Now the question is obvious whether the price will see any rise in 2022?

According to Todd Lowenstein, chief equity strategist of Union Bank private arm, Bitcoin’s historical chart matches several asset bubbles. Bitcoin has recently become the general bubble-like others. 

The end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 made the crypto traders upset with the remarkable downfall of almost all the major cryptocurrencies. Even several altcoins got impacted by their downfall.

According to Alexander, a trading expert, history can be repeated again with the cryptomarket. He said this especially targeting Bitcoin. In 2018 Bitcoin tumbled to 3000 USD after climbing up to 20000 USD a few months before. Although you will find that many cryptocurrency backers say that this time the situation is different and more investors are jumping on. But what you need is an analytical mindset. Excessive emotion in the trading platform is dangerous, and you know that.

The Strongest Cryptos

At first, we will look at some mainstream coins that still may have a future, if not in 2020 but an investment of more than five years. 


Being the first gear of the cryptocurrency and the attraction of several high profile business owners, Bitcoin may have a bright future ahead. According to experts, Bitcoin still has the possibility of reaching its peak. However, some experts started to regard Bitcoin as the bubbles of water that just created to have vanished. Bitcoin has a significant impact on the ecosystem. And over the years, millions of investors have gained profit from this digital asset. 


After Bitcoin, Ethereum blockchain technology has also drawn a lot of attention from investors. This digital exchange token has become popular after being exposed by the top investors and business persons. Etherium has seen the rise from 300 USD to 3000 USD within just a few months.


Binance is one of the most popular and trusted trading exchange coins used worldwide. According to experts, it can be a great choice after the major coins like Bitcoin and Etherium. The current value of the Binance coin is about 500 USD. 


USD is the forex exchange in cryptocurrency, and it is a stable coin exchange option with too little volatility than the other altcoins. The general price of USD stays near .9 to 1 to 1.2 USD. So the chances of loss are low.

The Altcoins

Now let see some altcoins that are getting popular and may have the chance of rising in 2022.

Alternative coins like Solana, Elrond, and Cardano are in Layer 1 coins. 

In layer two coins, Polkadot and polygon are attracting investors.

Metaverse group, Enjin, and Wilder World have been doing well, and investors are showing a good attitude.

Terra(Luna) in Defi tokens also shows a possibility in the year.

Apart from that, other altcoins like Xrp are getting good attention.

The Strategy To Invest

The investment strategy you do is the plan of holding, investing, and understanding the assets you have to get the good returns of your investment. The strategy should follow and maintain why, when and how. As per the superannuation law, your self-managed super fund strategy, also known as SMSF Investment Strategy, must be practical and reviewed regularly.

Four things that you need to remember before you invest. They are as follows.

  • Only try to invest what you can afford and not go beyond the limit.
  • After investing, you have to make a mindset that you have given the money in a hand that can vanish so that you don’t get a shock if it falls.
  • Know what you are investing in. Always analyse the data. It is an age where anything can be found on google. So research the market and about the market before investing.
  • Stay emotionally stable and especially when you are investing.


The differentiation of opinions among the experts can be seen easily. some experts have already started to see cryptocurrency as a fraudulent market, although some economists told this years ago. At the same time, other experts, economists, and investors regard the Crypto market as the future of decentralised money. 

They believe cryptocurrency still has huge potential. It should also be remembered at the same time that several prospects control the market. So you should clear your ears and stay alert for any news that you think may affect the future of your investment.

Disclaimer: The opinions and views given in this article are solely the author’s individual opinion and do not tell you to invest like that. Any information in the article should not be taken as investment advice. The author encourages all the users to do their own research and set an opinion before investing in cryptocurrencies.

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