The Best Free-to-play Games of All Time on PC

PC gaming continues to grow with new titles developed with the help of the latest technology. What’s more impressive than seeing a brand new game is seeing an old game take advantage of newer systems. That is common among free-to-play games which keep getting better with time. Here are the best free titles that you can try on your high-end PC.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a tactical team-based shooting game from Valve. One team plays the terrorists who must plant and detonate a bomb while the other team plays the counter-terrorists who must defuse or steal the explosive. Both teams have the alternate winning condition of eliminating the other team to win the round.

CS:GO used to be a premium game but it was made free-to-play on 6th December 2018. Since then, Valve only takes revenue from crates and premium event rewards that give the players a random cosmetic. It’s a reward system that can be triggered for free but the value of the return is as rewarding as Evolution casino games.


Warframe is a looter shooter space adventure with co-op mechanics from Digital Extremes with help from Panic Button Games. You play as one of the Tenno, an ancient faction with the ability to pilot humanoid weapons known as the titular Warframes. As one of many now exploring the galaxy, you may begin uncovering deep stories of the universe while expanding your collection of Warframes, weapons, and upgrades.

The community of fans playing Warframe often call it ‘Fashion Frame’ as a parody of how they became invested in developing their character’s appearances. Unlike CS:GO, Warframe’s cosmetics are all unlockable through grinding. Unlocking these contents can take hours, days, or weeks depending on the level and value so many players pay for instant solutions using Platinum.

Dota 2 and League of Legends

Dota 2 is a team-based strategy game from Valve while League of Legends is a rival title from Riot Games. Two teams start on opposite corners of the map with defensive systems and monsters lying between them. The goal is to advance your team’s army towards the enemy and destroy their Ancient, the most valuable structure in a base.

Both games are described similarly as their concepts were originally derived from the same inspiration, Defense of the Ancients (DotA) by Kyle ‘Eul’ Sommer. Today, both titles are operated by multiple designers with teams dedicated to every element of the games. The fundamental differences between the two games are the standard team composition.

Both games have cosmetic items that you can collect to dress up your favourite character. League of Legends’ are full sets designed to fit a specific theme while Dota 2 allows players to mix and match pieces of equipment for every hero. Dota 2 also lets you customize your game’s announcer and the style of the user interface.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a team-based battle royale game from Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment, and Panic Button Games. Join a team of three or a duo then choose one of the game’s playable characters known as ‘legends’. Each one has a unique set of skills that will serve the team as you aim to be the last legends remaining.

The only way to survive is to keep moving forward, avoid taking risks and defeat any strangers you encounter. Grab any useful equipment you find lying around as quickly as possible to gain the upper hand and retreat if overwhelmed.

Just like CS:GO, Apex Legends’ cosmetic system can be unlocked in the Apex Pack. Earn them as game rewards or buy them for a chance to win valuable collectibles. The value per pack is as volatile as Evolution casino games so you are sure to get something valuable with every attempt.

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