Strategies to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

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Blogging assists you on your Website, it works on your part with the tasks and duties pressing on you. In this era of E-Commerce, blogging has become one of the biggest tools for making money through your words remotely. It establishes relations worldwide. But it is not as easy as it seems, one must be aware of the strategies to follow for good. At times a Pro-Blogger feels handicapped when confronted with some new topic or idea, so a beginner must be cautious and Strategic.

Always a large data and information related to any topic, swam up when searching a single topic on the Internet or in some Library. A matter of concern is actually that one must be open to the audience of the blog. This openness let viewers astray neither in bewilderment nor in amazement, very strategically. 

It has become a widely desired job on earth as it is easy to write a blog on anything, anytime, and about anything. It has overcome all types of limitations, one may face during his/her job at some office or institute, like; 

Limitations for Office Work

  • Fixed Time Slot
  • Deadline Task Accomplishment
  • Space for work
  • Atmosphere at office
  • Fear of Boss or Harsh glances of Boss 
  • Fixed Money with some cutting
  • Specific Strategy to follow

You are Your Boss

Blogging is an inbound channel. Appearances matter a lot now, in order to make your blog attractive and widely accepted. Its outlook must be significantly catchy that makes your blog worth reading and grab money

Blogging was used for the sake of public acknowledgment to familiarize scope or trend in some fields. As the fields of life are wide-ranging or you can say limitless, so as the Niche in blogging, you can choose any of your choices. This strategy might be difficult for some natives to shuffle and pick one of their choices. Life has become business and blogging is now hitting hallmark in money trail, Trade across the borders, and also home based businesses.

There are some steps that must be followed while choosing to write blogs;

Passion for work

Of course, things take time for their Recognition, so a blogger must have a strong passion to wait for the time to construct the desired position in this career. Back in history, Google’s was prominent, but, now there is a wide range for Blogging i.e, and many others are in the race of  ecommerce website,

Widely Desired Niche in Blogging 

What most people like on the Internet, or what people are searching for, becomes the desired niche. We have often come across ads on Social Media that blink on our gadget screen. There they are because a large number of people are looking for that particular….

Well versed in Language skills

One must know the language which can be understood publicly. Not only the knowledge but also the command in language skills will win him/her wider acceptance. ?If you are not good at using English, you can write in your language and translate that into any Language.

Working Laptop or Mobile

A good or working laptop or mobile will be helpful for the blogger. This strategy will help them to read and search easily for their blog and help them make money irresistibly.

Stable Internet

The ir-restricted and continuous flow of work is possible through the provision of a good Internet with some Android gadgets. This will grab blogging ideas and eventually money.

In spite of all the important and key features, one blog becomes paid only on the basis of public applause or trends in Internet traffic. A blogger gets money for two things;

  • Per Impressions
  1. Figure of likes
  2. Count of clicks
  3. Number of views 
  • Ad networks 
  1. Hosting some advertiser
  2. Business specific
  3. Pool inventory of unsold ads

A good blog is not only judged for quality but also for acceptability, and politically grabs money! There are some proven strategies to Make Money Blogging. Let’s go for the ideas;

  • Use affiliate marketing on your blog. …
  • Add banner adverts to your website. …
  • Write advertorials and sponsored content. …
  • Charge for sponsored social media posts. …
  • Write guest blog posts for media outlets. …
  • Work with an agency to build your blog. …
  • Sell digital products on your blog.

A beginner can choose any Strategy to work on and earn Applause and Money as well. One must be Strategic from the Beginning to avoid being misguided all along the Blogging journey


Aadarsh is a talented content writer who specializes in creating informative articles on business and technology topics. He is a regular contributor to the popular website,, where his articles are widely read and highly appreciated by readers from all around the world.

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