Samsung Charger-Types of Samsung Chargers and Their Features

There are various types of Samsung Chargers and USB cables that are available in the market. Each has its own special feature making it unique in its own way. The use of Samsung chargers has significantly increased over the years. Mainly because the use of Computer or Laptop does not only restrict itself to work but for various modes of entertainment too.

Types of Samsung Chargers and USB Cables

Below mentioned is the list of Samsung Chargers (USB Cables) that are currently in use.

USB – A: This is one of the most commonly used cables for charging. One side is attached to the Laptop and the other is inserted into the adapter which is then inserted into the socket.

USB – B: This is basically a USB port that is used to connect printers or other external hard drives with the PC or Laptop.

Mini – USB: This type of cable usually connects with your phone or MP3 player.

Micro USB: One of the oldest forms of data transfer devices. Memory Card, Flash drives, external hard drives, and many such devices can be used through this.

USB – C: The latest development in the USB section of Samsung electronics. It allows high-speed data transfer and quick flow of power.

USB – 3: This USB cable has various shaped connector pins making it available to use for frequent use.

Below is the list of Samsung Chargers

Samsung Original EP – TA20IWEUGIN Travel Adapter: This Samsung Charger has adaptive fast charging features but only with the supported device. Input is between 100 to 240 V. Output is between 9.0V which is 1.67A. at 132 grams in weight, this Samsung Charger comes with a USB cable.

Samsung Travel Adapter: This Samsung Charger has been mainly designed for cellular phones. The connector is a USB type C. Wattage is 45. The input voltage is 100 volts. The power source is Corded electric. Weight is around 125 grams. Dimensions are 3.2×6.1×8.9 cm. Perfect for the business/leisure traveler. Charges phones at high speed, thus saving time. Comes in two colors, Black and White.

Samsung Travel Adapter (15W): This Samsung Charger is comparatively low on Wattage, but is an amazing product. It connects via the USB cable and is ideal for charging while on the move. At just 60 grams in weight, this is a handy product with a Wattage of 15W. The only color available for this product is White. The dimensions are 8x5x2.6cm. Good for travelers who have a weight constraint.

Samsung USB – C Fast Charging Adapter EP-TA300CWEGUJ: This Samsung Charger is one of the best in the markets at present. It comes in three color variants. White, Black, and Blue. The special feature of this charger is that it has super-fast charging. It has a Wattage of 25 Watts. It connects through the USB and weighs 6 ounces. It charges your device from 0 to 50 in about half an hour. Additionally, it can charge other USB devices at 2A speed. The weight of this charger is around 170 grams. Dimensions are 8.89×17.78×3.81cm.

Samsung 1 Amp Micro USB Car Charger ECA-U16CBEGINU: This Samsung Charger is ideal to get your phone charged while behind the wheels. At just 9 grams in weight, this is a wonderful product. The connector type for these charges is the USB. It comes in only Black color. Apart from the basic features, it comes with a Durable Coil Cord, Circuitry with advanced technology, Lithium-ion powered battery, and one year warranty. Product dimensions are 2×2.7×8.5 cm.

Samsung Dual Fast Charge Car Charger Dual USB port 15 W: This Samsung Charger is a blessing for those who are behind the wheels and need their phones to be charged at a rapid pace. There are two special features of this charger. One is that it has super-fast charging in the car, and the second is that it has a charging indicator that gives the person an idea of how much has been charged and how much is yet to be charged. The connector type is USB and the Wattage is 15 Watts. The input voltage is 5 Volts. This charge comes in only Black color. It has two USB ports which mean two devices can be charged at a rapid speed at the same time. At 150 grams in weight, this is certainly the on-road travelers’ dream product. Created in Vietnam. Product dimensions are 18.4×12.1×5.8cm.  

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo: This Samsung Charger is probably the first of its kind to have been developed. Originated in Vietnam, this charger is a completely wireless charger. Compatible with a wide range of devices, this charger can charge literally any device. Phones, watches, laptops, etc. At 125 grams in weight, this charger is handy for those who have issues with the plug-in sockets. Product dimensions are 15×8.6×1.6 cm. This charger comes in only White color.

Samsung Fast Charge 15W

Wireless Charger Stand: This Samsung Charger is once again, a unique product in its own way. It’s a charger stand with super-fast charging facilities. It comes in two colors, Black and White. The connector type is USB. The Wattage is 15 Watts. Weight is around 10.7 ounces. This is also a wireless charger but can charge up to three devices at a time. At 303 grams in weight, this is a wonderful product for those who possess multiple devices and need to charge them frequently. Samsung Travel Adapter: This Samsung Charger is a handy device for those who travel and are unable to keep their phones in charge mode for a long time. With a Wattage of 45 Watts, these charges offer fast charging of cellular phones. The input voltage is 100 Volts and the weight of this product is 125 grams. It comes in two colors, Black and White. Dimensions of this product are 3.2×6.1×8.9cm. This is the best travel companion for anyone, especially for those who have a time constraint.


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