Prima Projector is the Top Pocket Projector of 2021

One of the biggest surprises of 2021 for gadget lovers is the arrival of the Prima Projector. This pocket projector has outperformed some of the top names like Phillips and Sony and has started a new trend of on-the-go projector use.

Thanks to Prima, you may not be using your 4-inch phone screen to scroll, game, and watch videos any longer. Prima is just as easy to use as a smartphone, but it can project all of your media, apps, and more up to 200 inches in 1080p HD.

Prima fits in your pocket as snug as a smartphone. It shares the same dimensions as an iPhone 8, so projecting content from Prima, your phone, computer, or gaming console feels natural.

Prima Projector Features:

  • 200-inch 1080p HD projection
  • 3D and 4K video support
  • 3-hour battery life
  • built-in speakers
  • Quad-core processor
  • 8 GB hard drive
  • Access to 3M+ apps on Google Play
  • Universal compatibility
  • Instant casting and mirroring
  • Bluetooth and WiFi 5G
  • Keystone auto angle correction

Prima is now on sale for a launch special price of 50% off. That means that true techies like us can get our hands on one before they hit the shelves for a hefty price. Grab your Prima Projector now and get free shipping plus a free accessory bundle worth $100. Don’t miss this deal!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout features of Prima.

Projection Engine By Texas Instruments

Hats off to Texas Instruments for creating a new projection engine that is bigger and bolder than almost anything else out there (in a pocket-friendly size, that is). Prima is very small—smaller than any other projector like it—yet its projection quality and size are bigger.

Other portable projectors struggle to hit 120-inches without a loss in quality. And many of these still only display 720p. Prima delivers 1080p HD up to 200 inches with zero loss of image quality. This is impressive, especially considering it comes from a projection lens about the size of a smartphone camera lens.

Texas Instruments upsized its projection by increasing the chamber size on the device. This would normally risk the lens, but Prima has a sliding door that keeps it protected when not in use.

TI also increased the brightness to deliver vibrant colors and more nuanced dark tones. This extra brightness makes a big difference in image clarity, especially when viewing in brighter, daytime conditions.

Powered by Android

Prima is intuitive to use right out of the box. With an Android 7.1 operating system, navigation is simple and errors are few and far between.

Compatibility with google makes everything easier—from searching on Chrome to watching videos on YouTube to accessing Docs and Sheets. Plus, you have access to all of the apps on the Google play store.

Thanks to Prima’s powerful processor and internal storage, you can download apps directly to the device. Netflix, Facebook, Steam, Office—you can access all of your work and entertainment on Prima without wires or external devices.

Prima is fast too. WiFi 5G connectivity makes lag and delays a thing of the past. You can also send files and switch between apps instantly.

Using Prima is just as easy as using a modern smartphone. The only difference is you can point and project instead of passing a tiny screen.

The Most Pocket-Friendly Projector

Another way that Prima is like a smartphone is its size. It looks and acts just like one. Prima is the same size and weight as iPhone 8, so you can slide it in a pocket or bag and take it anywhere. Thanks to its protective lens door and shock-resistant build, you won’t have to worry about damage.

Prima also features touchscreen controls just like your phone. You can touch and swipe to access all your content, adjust settings and volume, toggle the keystone angle correction, and more. And it all feels just like navigating a smartphone.

Prima’s pocket-friendliness is something that we haven’t seen before (to this degree at least). Prima is the first projector that feels natural to keep in your pocket all the time. Before Prima, you’d only take a projector with you if you’d planned a presentation or a movie night. But now, you can project with the swipe of a finger, show off a meme, and then pocket the projector again. Why would anyone continue watching on small screens when using Prima is so easy?

Just think, you can show off at work by projecting files for the boss, allowing for easy collaboration. Then, during your lunch break, you can enjoy an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine projected in front of the bench outside the building. After work, you and your friends can all cast to Prima at the bar and share videos from YouTube and IG. Squinting at small screens could be thing of the past.

Advanced Battery

Prima’s battery represents another breakthrough in portable projector tech. At 3 hours of video playback, it can reliably last about an hour longer than other similar projectors and even many larger ones.

Projectors burn battery power like crazy, which is why it’s a big deal that Prima broke the 3-hour mark. Sure, you won’t be able to watch Lord of the Rings Extended Editions, but you’ll be able to make it through any Marvel movie, and that’s more than most projectors can do.

Luckily, Prima projects indefinitely when plugged into a power source, so if you’re settling in for a binge-watching session, you won’t have any problems.

Built-in Audio

A lot of projectors have built-in speakers. And almost all of them are terrible. This is an issue because you can’t say a projector is portable if you need external speakers to be able to hear anything.

Prima made sure to rectify this with its loud stereo speakers. When we say loud, we mean they have the volume range of the average Bluetooth speaker. This is much louder than the audio of most projectors. With Prima, you won’t need to worry about external audio unless you are projecting to a large audience. Its volume is plenty for an average meeting room or living room.

Prima’s audio is also clear and free from the scratchy artifacts of poor projector speakers. It can even be used as a Bluetooth speaker for wireless listening. This function disables the lens, allowing the battery to last up to 30 hours for audio playback.

Instant Mirroring and Casting

If you can’t be bothered to download and upload, or if you want to use Prima to share and collaborate, then mirroring and casting are easy ways to project media from any device up to 200 inches.

Prima is built with software to make mirroring with Apple and Android products seamless, so you can mirror instantly with most devices and never deal with wonky screen distortion or discoloration.

Casting is also instant for most devices. Prima connects to WiFi and Bluetooth, so you can easily find your devices and use Prima as an entertainment hub. It also makes sharing and collaborating at work much easier. Instead of everyone staring at small screens, you can all work together on Prima.

Universal Compatibility

You can mirror and cast to Prima from any device, but Prima connects to a lot more devices than just Bluetooth and WiFi-friendly ones. Prima also contains an impressive amount of ports for a projector its size, including:

  • HDMI
  • 2x USB
  • Headphone jack
  • DC
  • Micro SD
  • TF

With all of Prima’s wireless and wired connections, you can connect to virtually any device. This includes computers, TVs, gaming consoles, cameras, Raspberry Pi, and so much more. There is almost nothing you can’t project in massive cinematic glory.

Get Prima Now for 50% Off

Want to know what it’s like to project from your pocket with point-and-click simplicity? Prima will make you wonder how you ever worked or played on the small screen. That is, IF you manage to get your hands on one.

Prima is now available for a limited early-bird price of 50% off. That’s $400 off the retail price. Plus, early buyers will get free shipping and an accessory package worth $100. The manufacturer is hoping to hype this projector via this launch sale, and it’s working. Prima is already making waves in the tech community and generating positive feedback around the web.

But supplies are limited. Don’t miss out on this trending projection tech. Order Prima now at

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