Microsoft Invests $76 Million in Wisconsin Pumpkin Farm Acquisition

Microsoft has recently acquired a Wisconsin pumpkin farm after paying the giant amount of $76 million. A family residing in Wisconsin has agreed to sell its 407 acres of land, including a local pumpkin garden, to the tech giant. The transaction was first reported in the Milwaukee Business Journal. The amount is far greater than that offered to a Wisconsin family in Mount Pleasant in 2017. Foxconn Technology Group offered $20 million to the Creuziger family in 2017. However, the family refused the deal by saying they were looking for a better offer.

What Does the Owner Say?

David Barnes, who is the current attorney of the family who sold the land to Microsoft, has given an interview in which he wished the tech giant and village residents a better future. Additionally, he stated that it would be wonderful if people respect their privacy. The land acquisition is a wonderful achievement for Microsoft, and now, the company is looking forward to executing its plans by investing more money.

Comments on Microsoft’s Payouts

After Microsoft revealed the figure of $76 million to acquire the land, there was extensive debate as it is a much more significant payout than proposed or expected. In the current evaluation of the Creuziger family’s land, which occurred in 2023, the land was valued at only $174,200. However, it rose to the mark of $598,400 after tremendous improvements. Dan McHugh, the current village assessor of Mount Pleasant’s Village, has reported these figures, shocking the world.

Microsoft’s Plans

Microsoft has purchased not only the pumpkin farm but also 9-acre corn maze land, which neighbors another 641-acre land owned by Microsoft, in Mount Pleasant village. The total evaluation of these lands is $99.7 million. Microsoft has a significant plan behind this land acquisition, as it is looking to create a data center campus in the village. Moreover, the company’s primary aim is to invest over $1 billion in the office to take its journey to an advanced level of success.


In the previous settlement offered by Foxconn, which claimed to invest around $10 billion in Mount Pleasant village, they promised to construct a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. However, they have not made a clear statement to execute the plans, which has created a lot of confusion over the past two years.

Now, Microsoft has set the happing end for the village. As per reports, the company has planned to hire around 200 employees at its Mount Pleasant Data Center. Furthermore, there are strong chance that the total jobs will increase to 460 jobs over time. Although these numbers are still lower than the 13,000 proposed by Foxconn, people will have a great opportunity to showcase their skills.

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