ICONIQ Growth Pocketed $5.75 Billion In 7th Funding Round

ICONIQ Growth, one of the most popular late-stage investment units which is associated with ICONIQ Capital has recently raised the funding of $5.75 billion in its flagship funding round number 7. Thus, the company can carry out its activities and take its services to an advanced level that will help them grow further. The company was launched back in 2011 when different wealthy people played their part in establishing it.


ICONIQ Growth is an essential part of the ICONIQ Capital that started working as a private office managing capital. Since its launch, it has been the top choice for tech entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. The primary focus of this enterprise is to focus on late-stage investments in different companies, especially the ones associated with technology companies.

Fundraising Success

The SEC has filed the initial report of $5.21 billion in funding during the seventh growth fund family. It has been raised across two funds which the overall fundraising value up to an impressive mark of $5.75 billion, essential for the company to uplift its services. During the sixth funding round, ICONIQ was successful in securing $3.75 billion. However, the current rise in the overall sum features the strong confidence of investors in the investment strategy of this capital venture.


Besides the funding round of ICONIQ Growth, Tiger Global has also conducted a one to expand its services. It is also one of the most prominent players in the venture capital industry. Nevertheless, it has pocketed only around $2.2 billion, far smaller than the growth fund generated by ICONIQ Growth.

Tiger Global faced extensive criticism for investing rapidly during the tech bloom. On the other hand, ICONIQ Growth has been following a comprehensive strategy to secure secondary positions quite actively and properly.

Portfolio and Investments

ICONIQ Growth found different successful endings in its portfolio including the likes of IPOs of different companies such as Airbnb, Snowflake, HashiCorp, and GitLab. Additionally, the company has invested $1.1 billion in 22 different companies in 2023 which mainly involves Drata, ServiceTitan, Pigment, Writer, Ramp, and Canva.

Fund Details

ICONIQ Growth has created a solid strategy of investing its huge recent funding in around 20 to 25 tech companies that will take its working potential to an advanced level. In its 7th funding, the B round has generated $3.95 billion from the total of 291 investors, while $1.26 billion comes from 462 enterprises.

Future Prospects

The recent funding round of ICONIQ Growth has generated a colossal sum that will make it the biggest player in the venture capital industry for the upcoming period. Moreover, the owners are looking forward to enhancing the late-stage tech investments to generate more impressive portfolios to support promising startups.

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