Masayoshi Son Is Looking for $100 Billion To Build An AI Chip

The ever-evolving landscape of technology is now going to witness another significant revolution as the visionary founder of SoftBank Group, Masayoshi Son, has confirmed the production of a new AI chip. He primarily focuses on artificial intelligence and aims to build a high-profile artificial intelligence-powered AI chip powerhouse. Ultimately, the company will be able to compete with different tech giants, including the likes of Nvidia. As per the reports published by Bloomberg, Masayoshi Son is looking for a massive investment of $100 billion. These announcements have confirmed that SoftBank’s owner has no intention to turn down his aims. 

The Vision – Izanagi

Masayoshi Son is aiming to create an incredible AI-powered chip that can transform the whole industry. Therefore, he has made efforts to collaborate with the Arm, the top chip making company present across the globe. As a result, it has been made public that SoftBank is now making its way into the world of Artificial Intelligence. As per the recent data revealed, the company still owns more than 90% stocks of the Arm.

The aim of the SoftBank’s owner is to create a high-quality AI chip named Izanagi. He is pretty hopeful that this chip will revolutionize the AI chip market. As Artificial Intelligence is making its way into this world, the demand for highly functional processors is on the rise. While Nvidia is currently dominating this landscape of powerful GPUs, Son is looking forward to developing chips that not only offer brilliant efficiency but also are affordable. Hence, it can excel in the market, grabbing the maximum customer base. 

Funding Strategy

Building an AI chip is not a simple task. Therefore, Son has made a comprehensive strategy to raise a total of $100 billion to fulfill his dream. The funding strategy involves numerous investors. Also, the strategy to generate this massive funding is almost similar to the one utilized by the company for its Vision Fund project.

Masayoshi Son has contacted institutional investors from the Middle East to provide him with an investment of around $70 billion of the total sum. The investors have shown positive signs of affirmation towards Son’s proposal as they can clearly see the brighter aspects of AI in the near future.

While $70 billion is provided by investors, there is still a gap of $30 billion, which is a huge sum. However, Softbank has revealed that it will contribute the remaining portion to take the total funding up to the mark of $100 billion. Ultimately, Son will be able to accomplish his dream of creating an AI-powered chip that will lead to significant revolutions in various industries.

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