Line Man Wongnai Considers IPO in Thailand, US in 2025

Line Man Wongnai is one of the most popular food delivery service platforms in Thailand and plays a huge role in the Thai market. It offers numerous services that include food and grocery delivery alongside ride-hailing and messaging features. Moreover, the company is looking forward to launching an initial public offering in Thailand or the US by 2025.

Over the past few years, the Line Man Wongnai has showcased remarkable growth with the serious expansion that occurred in 2023 and 2024. Hence, it confirms a strong working strategy of this platform. Additionally, the addition of new services and competitive pricing has contributed incredibly to the benefit of the Thai population.

Above all, the owners are finding ways to take the reach to an advanced level by expanding its user base up to the 50 million mark from the current one of 26 million users. The database of the company holds the information of about 1.6 million shops. In 2023, Line Man Wongnai followed a strategic approach to make new acquisitions.

The purchase of Thai POS startup, FoodStory, and Rabbit Line Pay are the top decisions made by the owners, that has empowered the revenue stream of the company. Also, it brought more potential customers.

While Line Man Wongnai is going to launch a new IPO, the company is focusing on developing a complete strategy. By assessing the overall financial status and structure of the key components, the owners can secure new fundraising opportunities.

Besides, the differentiators involve a strategic partnership and a comprehensive understanding of customers’ behavior. Also, it includes finding the local merchants, regulatory environment, and delivery personnel. TechCrunch has revealed that more than 90% of Thais use the messaging app. Hence, the company can have their hands on exceptional advantages.

Line Man Wongnai is playing an active role in promoting a wholesome Thai culture by offering delicious food. Furthermore, it is introducing a new award category for soft-power Thai food to support Thailand’s soft-power strategy. 

Another useful impact of the new IPO is that it will attract more and more international tourists. Also, a mini-app is available for Chinese tourists inside the WeChat app. This showcases the company’s efforts toward expanding the Thai culture across the globe.

Although the new IPO will generate useful results for the company, the company is planning further to take its services to an advanced level. By making the new IPO and acquiring more and more useful enterprises, food delivery services will be enhanced greatly. The key strategies include growing the POS business for merchants as well as for payment services.

Moreover, Line Man Wongnai has planned to invest a pretty good sum in leveraging technology like data sets and artificial intelligence. It will help the enterprise to achieve its goals and pave its path for long-term success. 

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