Small Business Smarts: Keeping Track of the Evolving Types of Marketing Media

For small and big businesses alike, understanding the different available types of marketing media is a key factor in the success of any advertising campaign. While large corporations can often afford to have an entire marketing team working full time to promote their services and products, however, small business owners usually cannot. So, here’s the lowdown on the evolving types of marketing media that you need to know about. 

Print Marketing 

It may seem pointless to mention such an outdated medium as printing for your marketing campaign, but print marketing is still very much in the game. Local newspapers, magazines, and classified ads are invaluable resources for small business owners hoping to reach more clients in a particular region. When there are many people in one area, such as at a local festival or parade, flyers, and brochures can still be more effective than all the mobile marketing in the world. Luckily, companies such as My Creative Spot allow you to use their easy online brochure maker to create eye-catching and well-made brochures at home or in the office. Despite what you hear, print marketing is still an effective way for businesses to reach a large audience and gain prospective clients.    

Mobile Marketing 

While print marketing is useful for small business owners, mobile marketing certainly has its place in the advertising world as well. Online coupons, email ads, high-quality content, and targeted blog posts are all essential to your company’s attempts at reaching a broader audience. In fact, as many as 97% of your new customers will find you online. When newcomers to your area search for the product or service that you offer on their mobile devices, make sure that your website will be the first to pop up on a search engine. If the online language of mobile marketing is all Greek to you, hire a professional to optimize your chances of being found by search engines.

Outdoor Marketing 

One thing that will never change is the efficacy of marketing to people who are always on the go. Bus stops, airports, taxis, and billboards are all excellent places to advertise your products or services. Remember that there are dozens, or even hundreds, of businesses competing in this space, so keep your outdoor marketing designs bold, eye-catching, and to the point. Focus on a single image or thought that won’t overwhelm prospective clients, and make sure that your company logo is easily visible. Get more at msum d2l.

Using Several Media in One Marketing Campaign 

The most effective marketing campaigns are those which incorporate a variety of marketing media. Make sure that the colours, tones, messages, and designs are unified throughout. If you want to convey a sleek and modern theme, for example, you could use black, white, greys, and the occasional pop of red along with one cleverly written sentence on a billboard. Keep this theme consistent as you design your website, purchase ad space in your local newspaper, and put together a brochure to provide more information about your company. This will not only make designing your advertising material easier, it will also help to build brand recognition as customers begin to associate a certain theme, phrase, or colour scheme with your business.

However, you choose to run your marketing campaign, make sure that you take advantage of all three types of marketing to maximize your company’s potential.

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