Features of iPad Pro that will make you long for one – The ultimate for gizmos

Apple iPad ProApple’s biggest and most sought-after tablet is here – the iPad Pro and it’s ready to set the market on fire. The recently announced tablet, the iPad Pro has been put to sale and you can now pre-order it. The price of this Apple iPad Pro ranged from 679 pounds for the one which has 32GB storage which rose to 899 pounds for the one which has 128GB model with 4G.

Now that you’re thinking about why you would require buying such a huge tablet, then you should consider the few reasons that have been mentioned here which will make you long for this wonder product. Read on to know some such features.

#1: The huge display

You will be rather surprised to know that the new iPad Pro will pack a 12.9 inch screen and if you compare that with the Note Pro from Samsung, they have a 12.2 inch screen while the new Galaxy View is 18-inches larger. The width of Pro is in perfect match with iPad Air 2 and this is why the iPad Pro will allow you to run iPad Air apps in their full-size version. Since this has got a way larger screen, you can also take full benefit of the multi-tasking mode of iOS9.

#2: The best and the most influential iPad yet

It goes without mentioning that since the body of iPad Pro has got a generous size, it will require too much to keep itself going. A9X is there at the centre of iPad Pro of Apple, which is nothing but a 64-bit chip which is home to twice the bandwidth and memory of A8X and delivers storage performance that is twice faster than the predecessor. As per the claims of Apple, it is double the A8X when it comes to delivering the performance in the style of desktop. Hence, it packs adequate power.

#3: You can photoshop your pictures

This might not be a new feature as you could already retouch your pictures on iPads but as long as the iPad Pro is concerned, they have taken a step ahead. They have introduced the brand new multi-tasking features in iOS9 where you get Adobe’s Photoshop Fix app which is made to work only along with the iPad. You will be allowed to make simple changes to pictures via facial recognition.

#4: iPad Pro has got power-packed speakers

In case you’ve used an iPhone or an iPad, then you must be aware of the fact that the speakers are okay but they aren’t great. However, with the iPad Pro, Apple has put 4 speakers inside it and regardless of the way in which you hold it; there won’t be any issue while getting the sound. You can even balance the sound as according to the way in which you hold it. Doesn’t this sound interesting?

#5: A pencil can be used along with the iPad Pro

With the iPad Pro, you can use the Pencil from Apple which is a smart stylus that has the capability of scanning twice faster than touch. The Pencil is also able to detect the position when you tilt it. When you press with a feather tough, it will show you light strokes and when you press harder, you can create dark strokes. If you want to charge the pencil, you will have the lightning connector that’s built within the stylus. The way the Pencil has been built, it can give Samsung’s S Pen a run for money.

So, now that you’re sure about the amazing features of iPad Pro, make sure you grab one for yourself before it’s too late.


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