How to Use Video to Promote on Instagram

The most used social media application “Instagram” can help businesses promote the brand on it. The video marketing strategy has become way too famous today. 

Instagram is a popular destination where millions of users are active. Hence, it does hold a high value for businesses, which can also save time to make the products and services visible in front of a wider audience. 

Video marketing has been a great strategy in recent times, which overall helps increase custom loyalty and is more attractive to the audience. Here are some of the valuable tips for the businesses that can promote the videos on Instagram. 

Instagram Video Tips to Promote Your Business

These tips can be beneficial for ordinary people to get more views on the famous “reels” section of Instagram. Influencers or celebrities can also use these tips and tricks to promote videos on Instagram. 

Getting Used to Using Hashtags 

Well, social media users might know why hashtags are so important and widely used. 

Hashtags can help attract more followers and make the video reach a wider audience. Hashtags help to get more visibility from the locations nearby. Hashtags can also help to improve the video engagement of the video. But the most crucial thing that people can do is choose the perfect and right hashtags for the video. 

There have been some popular hashtags which one can research and put the relevant ones in the video description. Hashtags on Instagram just work like search engine optimization keywords. One can even use the Hashtag feature on Instagram to search for the most popular Hashtag. 

Adding subtitles or subs to the video is another helpful way. One might be wondering why subtitles? 

Well, everyone would surely have noticed that the video sounds need to be turned on if watching a video on Instagram. Hence, most people watch the video on mute due to this feature. Consequently, the audio messages are not conveyed. 

In cases like the above, using subs can help convey the message. One also must make sure to use the proper color and font styles for the text to attract the audience. An online video editor can help you with the above actions.

Also, another recommendation to promote the Instagram videos would be to add some helpful links like links to products, links to websites, or links to the profile page one is advertising. Tagging these can highly help to increase the traffic and sales. 

Collaborating with Influencers 

Today, video marketing works best when businesses collaborate with famous personalities and influencers in the area. One can collaborate with the influencers in the top viewed influencers’ list on Instagram and promote the product or service. 

The main reason behind this is that millions of people watch these influencers. The term “influencer” itself means people who influence others. Hence, the fans of these influencers would certainly be interested to know more about the product. 

Using Instagram Video Ads Feature

Instagram does have a space for businesses that can promote their products by making short video ads. For this step, one needs to use the Facebook ad’s manager. These ad videos would just be like promo videos. Hence, making it as attractive and creative as possible could improve traffic. 

There have been various types of ads spaces on Instagram that people can find. For example, the Instagram stories ads, Instagram reels ads, Instagram explore ads, Instagram Shop Ads, etc. 

Using Less Text in Thumbnails 

This tip is a super trick that many people would not know till today. Many video promotions would be using the texts in thumbnails to make the message available to the people who would have turned off the autoplay on data feature. 

But the trick is that Instagram does reduce the reach of the advertisements when people use rich text in the Thumbnails. Even Instagram can charge more if someone’s using more than twenty percent of the text in the thumbnails. 

Keeping It Short and Simple 

Keeping the videos as short and as simple as possible is highly recommended. People can get bored by lengthy and exaggerated videos. 

The people who want to make the videos worth the effort must understand the value of keeping the most straightforward language styles possible in the video. 

Also, to-the-point talks would be necessary as time becomes the biggest enemy. Choosing the best and short captions can also prove to be highly useful. 

Using the Audience Targeting Feature

Day by day, Instagram is getting advanced in promoting the video marketing feature on its app. It is a win-win situation for users and the company. 

There is now a new feature of Audience targeting on Instagram under Instagram Promotions which would allow a person to select the target audience based on age, gender, location, behaviors, and interests. You can choose the appropriate options as per the product targets under the demographics area. 

Keeping an Eye on Competitors

Since being original and creative is the key; hence, it is essential to analyze the competitors. 

Today, the video marketing strategy has been used by almost every business on earth. Analyzing the competitors’ activities and judging the competitors’ promotional strategy can make one’s promotions better and improved. 

Several Ways of Promoting 

Just putting on a story and blabbering about the product is not enough. There are various ways in which you can promote videos. Content of the video can be some heart-touching or engaging story narrative, suspense creating videos, a tutorial based on the product usage, boomerang, etc. 

Making Videos Look Professional 

Videos can be attractive only if one adds up the spice of professional editing to the videos. The videos would surely be well promoted with great graphics and exceptional audio quality. The professional shooting of the video can also be helpful to gain a lot of attention. 

Final Thoughts 

These tips and tricks are all tested to help someone grow and promote the video ads on Instagram. One must make sure to be highly active on Instagram and publish actively. Regular posting would keep the engagement of the viewers. One can only acknowledge the Power of Instagram in terms of video marketing if they only follow the steps perfectly.

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