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How to Send Large Video Files – Top 5 Methods

Have you ever sent videos to someone to engage them with yourself? Sometimes, sending large videos like movies and series may hinder the process of engagement or creating backups. But as the content or videos are crucial, what will you do to send large video files? Obviously, you will seek some ways to send large videos.

In this article, I will explore some of the best ways to send large videos. Further, I shall provide you with a complete guide on how to send large video files.

Guide to Send Large Video Files – Best Ways

Suppose you are interested in sending large video files and don’t know who. Why are you panicking? I’m still at your service. In this section, I’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on how to send large video files using various methods.

Sharing large files via email is easy and straightforward for individuals. Here are some easy steps on how to send large files via email.

How to Send Large Video Files Via Email

  • Compose Email: Firstly, you need to open your Gmail and click on Compose to start the process of sending large files.
  • Click Attach Files: Now, click on the Attach Files button to access your File Manager. From your File Manager, you can choose the video you want to send.
  • Select the Video File: Select your preferred video to send. If your video has data or memory of 2 GB or more, then it’ll automatically start uploading to Google Drive.
  • Send Email: Finally, when your video is completely uploaded then add the recipient’s email address and purpose to share files. Now, click on the “Send” button to send the large video file.

Jumpshare is a fast and free tool that enables users to send large videos instantly.

How to Send Large Video Files Via Jumpshare

Here are some steps to send large videos via Jumpshare.

  • Install Jumpshare: First of all, you need to download Jumpshare’s .exe file and install it on your device.
  • Launch Jumpshare: Launch the installed application on your PC.
  • Upload: You are now free to upload or record any video to later share it with others. Further, uploaded and recorded videos will be on the menu to deal with them later.
  • Share: When you get your cursor on the uploaded video, the share option will pop up. From here, you can share the video to another account even if they don’t have a Jumpshare account.

7-Zip is one of the most efficient software programs that enables users to zip large video files into small sizes. But how do you send large files via 7-Zip? Don’t worry! I have covered you.

How to Send Large Video Files Via 7-Zip

Here are some easy steps to send large video files via 7-Zip.

  • Install: Firstly, you need to install 7-Zip on your device to proceed with the procedure.
  • Launch: Secondly, launch 7-Zip on your device to start the process of zipping files in small sizes.
  • Choose the Video: Choose your large video files to zip them in small sizes. Drag any video into it and set things up according to your preferences even the export quality. Your video will be zipped soon and ready to be shared.
  • Send: Finally, you can send your zipped file on your preferred platform because of its small size.

The USB flash drive is an external hard drive that helps individuals copy their data temporarily to paste it on another device. How to use it?

How to Send Large Video Files Via USB Flash Drive

Here are some easy steps to send large videos via flash drive.

  • Put-in USB: Firstly, you need to put the USB flash drive in your PC to start the process of sending large video files.
  • Copy Large Video Files to USB: Now, copy your desired video to the USB.
  • Remove USB: After copying your large video files, remove your flash drive.
  • Copy Large Video Files to Another PC: Finally, put your USB on another device, copy your file to this PC, and complete your backup process.

Creating a link to a large video file is not a complex task for individuals. But how?

How to Send Large Video Files Via Creating Links

There are multiple platforms available that enable users to make links and share videos with others. Here, I will talk about YouTube in steps to tell you about how to send large video files via creating links.

  • Upload Your Video on Your YouTube Channel: Firstly, upload your large video files on your YouTube channel after optimizing it with creative and innovative description and title.
  • Copy the Link: Now, copy the link to the uploaded video.
  • Send the Link: Share link to someone who was asking for the video and ask him to download easily. If someone don’t know how to download videos, then dont’ worry! Here is the whole procedure.
  • Download: Copy the link and replace the You part of the link with 000 to get a download menu.
  • Prefer Quality: Finally, they can download your uploaded videos easily.

Large Video Files – An Intro

Large video files are video content that contains data of 2 GB or more. If a video content has 2 GB of data then it’s regarded as a large video file on every platform. There are some factors that determine the length or size of a video: duration, bitrate, and compression ratio.

If these factors are small or not large enough to make files of 2 GB then the video would be called a small video file. Sharing small video files is easy and convenient for all types of users on every device.

Sum Of How to Send Large Video Files

Sending large video files is a concern for many individuals. Most of them are doing so effectively by using different methods and some have no idea how to share large videos. If you are one of those who don’t know how to send large videos then don’t panic. Because I have compiled a step-by-step comprehensive guide on how to send large video files via various methods. Read the whole guide and get multiple solutions to your concerns with some frequently asked questions below.


Q1- Can I send large video files via email?

Yes, you are free to send large video files via email without reducing the videos’ resolution and quality effectively.

Q2- How do I send large video content via email?

You may send large video content via email by uploading video content on Google Drive. Further, you can access Google Drive by simply signing in.

Q3- Do I zip video files for sharing purposes?

The answer to this question is yes. You are able to zip video files to share them on different devices.

Q4- Can I share large video files via creating links?

Yes, you can share large video files by creating links on different platforms like YouTube. Upload your video content on the platform and then copy the content link to share large video files.

Q5- Can I download a video using a link?

Yes, you are free to download a video by using its link if you are using YouTube. Browse the link and when the video starts playing then replace YouTube with 000Tube from the link to get a downloadable menu.

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