Google is Looking Forward to Add More Real-Money Games to its Play Store

Despite facing several controversies, the tech giant Google is continuously evolving its policies to deliver high-quality experiences to its users. In a recent announcement, the company has revealed that it will allow more real-money games (RMG) on its Play Store. In this way, the company can accommodate the game types and operatorts which are not operating currently under existing government licensing frameworks. Google has confirmed that this policy shift will primarily be useful for Mexico, Brazil, and India, in the beginning. Other countries will also be included in the plan in the near future.

Background of the Announcement

Google has so far allowed only those RMG apps on its Play Store, which are regulated by local government licensing frameworks. Other RMG haves are typically restricted on this platform. This has caused great frustration among the developers who have created such apps and were unable to offer their games to the users. Therefore, the search engine giant has made obvious changes in its traditional policy structure to accommodate these titles. Now, the Play Store will also host the RMG applications, which are not regulated by any authority yet are legal.

Policy Shift

Including RMG apps in the Play Store started back in 2021, followed by adding Rummy applications and fantasy sports games in 2022 on Play Store in India. Also, it has started supporting different kinds of applications like sports betting, casinos, horse racing, and lotteries. However, the latest advancements and policy shifts will expand the collection of real-money gaming apps on its designated store.

Google is also looking to make significant changes in its new service fee model for in-app purchases and subscriptions. Moreover, no details are revealed regarding the cut charged to developers on these sales.

The Director of the Global Trust & Safety Partnerships department at Google, Karan Gambhir, has confirmed the policy shift and evolution of the service fee model in a blog post. He further stated that the move will help the company sustain its position in this competitive market while improving the quality of the Android and Play ecosystem. Additionally, he revealed that the company is in continuous collaboration with developers to understand their perspective and provide a high-quality experience to users.

Implications and Impacts

The announcement made by Google to allow more RMG applications on the Play Store will have significant impacts on the company’s reputation, both positively and negatively. The integration of new apps will help MSMEs and new developers to showcase their creations to the whole world, providing them with the opportunity to compete with big names. Moreover, Google will also be able to boost its revenue structure. By charging a cut from the transactions made through these RMG apps, the world’s largest search engine will improve its functionality and offer a more useful experience to users.

On the other hand, the announcement can also open the doors to new social and economic crises for the company. The publishing of gambling and addiction games could be seriously challenging. Nevertheless, Google is looking forward to implementing age and ID verification to overcome such challenges.

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