Step-by-Step To Get TIN Number For Business In 2023 

The Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is a unique number that, to pay taxes, distinguishes a certain person (or company). All people and companies are required to pay taxes. Hence they all need to have their own TIN. However, the TIN for enterprises will be the focus of this paper. 

Each firm needs a unique TIN, as was said since tax payment is required. 

Follow these instructions to learn how to obtain a TIN number for your company in 2023. 

What is a Tax ID Number? 

A person or corporate entity that pays taxes will be given a tax identification number (tax ID), a unique number issued by the government. It makes it easier for governments to maintain tabs on who has paid taxes and how much they still owe. There is some taxpayer identification number in most nations. 

Tax ID numbers come in a variety of forms in the US. For example, when opening a bank account or applying for credit, tax ID numbers may also be used to identify organizations or persons for non-tax purposes. 

For collecting benefits and tax credits, such as the PPP loans during the pandemic or Social Security payments, tax identification numbers (TINs) or federal employer identification numbers (EINs) are also necessary. Making your company eligible for government support during difficult times by properly registering your firm and completing a tax return will help secure your enterprise. 

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Do you need a Tax ID Number? 

A tax ID number is required for almost all company kinds, although the IRS does mention a few exceptions. A company may not require a tax ID number if it fits many criteria mentioned on the IRS website, including not having any workers, not operating as a corporation or partnership, and not paying excise taxes. This would probably only apply to tax-exempt sole entrepreneurs who make very little to no money. 

However, a tax ID is still required for opening a bank account, even if your company is not legally required to have one. You might not be able to get government benefits if you don’t have a tax ID number. 

Steps to get the TIN Number

You must complete an online application at and supply the required information to obtain a company tax ID number. Here are the three steps you may follow to obtain your company’s tax identification number right away: 

Step 1: Register Your Business With Your State 

You must register your business with the state where you want to conduct business before submitting your online application to the IRS. 

When completing the tax ID number application, you must provide information about the entity type and registration. 

The online application will ask for information such as your formation date, legal business name, address, and the state in which you are registered. 

Before submitting an application for a tax identification number, the state where your firm will be operated must first authorize your business name. A sole proprietor who is obliged to pay excise taxes may still be eligible to get a tax ID number once a DBA (do business as) registration of a name different than the owner’s legal name is registered with the state. 

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Step 2: Gather Necessary Information 

Before continuing with the application, you will need to learn quite a bit about the business owner and the organization. For instance, while completing the application, you should have the following data available: 

  • Date, the company, was formally incorporated
  • Number of employees you anticipate paying in the upcoming 12 months
  • Name of the company 
  • Name of the person in charge of the company
  • Personal tax identification number of the owner of the business Mailing address of the business
  • Business entity type
  • State registered in
  • The date you started paying wages, if any 
  • Type of business entity 

Remember that you must be a U.S.-based company and that the applicant (you) must possess a current individual tax identification number to qualify for a business tax identification number. 

Step 3: Submit Your Application 

Once you have this information, you are prepared to complete the online IRS application. You can submit your application when your information has been verified during the application process, and the IRS will instantly send you a PDF with your company tax identification number. Your new tax number is included in a letter that you may download, print, or keep. 

Benefits of TINs 

A TIN must be included in every paperwork sent to the IRS to claim tax exemptions or benefits or to pay taxes. A TIN must be included on yearly tax returns filed by taxpayers, and employers that record salaries received by employees must also include the TINs of the employees. 

For identifying purposes, TINs are also used by financial institutions, healthcare providers, and other organizations. TINs or (Taxpayer Identification Numbers) are known as sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) because they can access accounts, make insurance claims, apply for loans, and open credit card accounts when combined with other personal information. TINs are also used to identify specific individuals. 

It is crucial to keep these numbers safe to prevent identity thieves from using personal or corporate tax ID numbers to steal money or commit fraud, including tax fraud. Taxpayer ID numbers can be stolen by hackers and identity thieves, or they may end up in the wrong hands if those who have access to them don’t take the necessary precautions to secure them. Cybercriminals now have access to consumer and employee data, including TINs, thanks to recent data breaches at businesses and government institutions. 


Starting a business and obtaining an EIN, also known as a tax ID number, is a straightforward procedure that can be finished online in minutes. Once authorized, you’ll be able to get your tax identification number right away. Generally speaking, sole proprietorships have the option of forgoing obtaining a tax ID number. 

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