Free Online Tools Your Small Business Should Be Using

Starting a small business out of scratch requires a lot of effort. You cannot upset your budget by purchasing different tools for your ease. Budgets of small businesses are more focused on the procuring and betterment of service. To ease out the burden businesses can only rely on free tools. 

Online tools help you to manage all the tasks of your small business under one umbrella. The only thing that matters is to find the exact tool which assists you in the right way. With tons of options in the market, many free business tools don’t accomplish the tasks they claim in their marketing. 

Free Online Tools Your Small Business Should Be Using

This blog will help you choose different tools with different tasks which are tried and tested and will surely help them without wasting time and energy on poor tools. Following are some tools that you must use to lessen the burden.

Website Creation – Wix

The very first need of your online business is website creation. Wix website builder, you can start a website to promote your business. You need a professional website that can convert leads and hence elevate your business. Wix is a free website builder tool that allows you to build your website without understanding conventional coding and development methods. 

Whether you want to start a jewelry brand or want to share your thoughts in form of a blog or want to create an educational website, Wix can help you in all aspects. The tons of free templates, themes, and drag and drop options allow a high level of customization which can work well for your small business in the best of manner.

Email Marketing – Active Campaign

To reach out to your potential customer and to update them about the new arrival or to educate them on how your business is eco-friendly, you need to connect with them. Being a small business owner, you cannot do it all on your own. You cannot hire anyone due to your limited budget. This is the time when the Email Marketing tool helps you.

Active Campaign is ideal for small businesses with more than 130,000 active users of small businesses. The interface is easy to use for new users and is free which helps small businesses. The Visual Automation Builder allows anyone to craft a powerful email strategy that requires no prior experience hence an ideal marketing tool.

Content Creation Tool – Canva:

For to post engaging and appealing posts, you don’t need to get an expert in photoshop. Canva is a multimedia platform that allows its user to create graphics for social media, presentations, logos, and other visual content.

Canva provides a simple interface and under experience allowing even a new user to explore and design the most efficiently. It produces a professional quality graphic design with over 1 million photographs, info graphs, and fonts.  

Social Media Manager – Buffer:

You cannot sit in front of your system all day to schedule posts on your social media accounts. You have to look out for posting time according to the engagement timing of your targeted customer. For that purpose, Buffer is your partner. 

Buffer is a free social media tool that allows you to preschedule your post for social media account so that you don’t miss out even a single day without engaging with your customer as small businesses mostly depends upon engagement through social media channels.

Communication Tool – Slack:

Slack is a messaging tool that can help you to retain all the communication on one platform for your small eCommerce business. it can help you share files, images, messaging in different groups. 

It offers advanced research so that you can find any message in an instant rather than sorting through tons of messages. It can help all the employees to stay in touch and to update on the tasks going on.

Password Management Tool – Dashlane:

One of the downfalls of the modern age is you need to manage a lot of passwords at a time of different accounts. Sometimes it can become exhausting too that every time you need to log in you need to put passwords. For this purpose, a password management tool can help you in this regard.

Dashlane can help you in collecting all the passwords at a place and can help you sign automatically in any account as soon as you reach the password login page. These tools can help you form the hassle of looking into your notepad and that exhausting password recovery method.

There are several online tools to deliver you the implies to move your eCommerce business forward in today’s digitally connected world. Despite having constrained budgets, few businesses can approach the proficient support and the most recent innovation, giving them much-required arrangements to optimize their operations and make them competitive.

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