Epic Games Has Confirmed Launching of Its Game Store and Fortnite on iOS

Epic Games has recently confirmed that it is planning to launch its dedicated app store on iOS devices in 2024. The primary purpose of this move is to bring the world’s most renowned game, Fortnite, back to the iPhones. Epic has taken this move right after Apple announced that it will allow sideloading and other marketplaces to work on its devices, as they are now complying with the new rules of the European Union. The decision to launch the Epic Games Store and Fortnite on iPhone will be one of the biggest achievements of this famous gaming enterprise, as iOS users have been deprived of this master-piece game from the last three years.

Fortnite Comeback to iOS

Apple has removed Fortnite from its App Store back in August 2020. The main reason for the removal was the introduction of a direct payment system by Epic Games. Consequently, Apple wasn’t able to get a 30% commission from the built-in purchase of the Fortnite game. Both parties went into a legal battle where they accused each other of following a monopolistic approach and violating each other’s working policies.

Since then, iPhone users have been unable to download and play Fortnite. However, the European Union recently announced new rules to regulate the world’s largest tech giants, including Google, Amazon, and Apple. Following the Digital Markets Act, Apple has allowed sideloaded app stores to launch their apps on iOS devices. Hence, iPhone users can now easily access other platforms to find and use their favorite applications. It will not only give people an opportunity to expand their selection but also enable other marketplaces to establish their businesses. 

Following the decision and new rules, Epic Games has also taken a significant move and has confirmed that it will now launch a new iOS version of its dedicated Epic Games Store app. Moreover, it will bring Fortnite back to iPhones. As a result, users can easily access and download it to have their hands on a highly entertaining experience. 

Attributes of the Epic Games Store

Epic Games has made its mark in this modern digital landscape as one of the most proficient gaming industries, as it has delivered a masterpiece in the form of Fortnite. While designed specifically for PCs and Macs, Epic has recently revealed on X that it is bringing its Games store to iPhone. The fee for the Epic Games store is 13%, far less than the 30% charged by Apple on in-app purchases

Future Prospects

The launching of the Epic Games Store and other sideloading platforms on iOS devices will open up new doors for developers to capture a large audience. Although, Apple will face a significant cut in its revenue, following the new EU rules is compulsory.

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