Epic Games Defeated Google Play in a Famous Court Battle

Epic Games emerged victorious in the world-renowned anti-trust case against the tech giant Google. After a month-long trial, which started on November 6, 2023, the court has just accused Google Play of having an unlawful monopoly on the games. In his decision, the presiding judge, US District Judge James Donato, has criticized Google for its extensive or “deeply troubling” readiness to spoil the evidence relevant to the case. This victory is one of the most prestigious moments for Epic Games and will significantly boost their value in the market.

Background and Trial of the Case

Epic Games filed this case against Google Play back in 2020 and claimed that the company has an unlawful monopoly on the games and depends on payments from gaming titles and app developers. Consequently, they are more biased toward the “bribe and block” potential competitors. A similar case is also ongoing against Apple, filed by Epic Games.

The trial between Google and Fortnite developers began on November 6, 2023, and after one month of waiting, the jury concluded the details on December 12, 2023. The US District Judge James Donato said in his statement that he found “disturbing evidence” of the Mountain View, Calif. It was a failed attempt to hide internal chat evidence and instructions. 

The Decision of the Trial

The San Francisco-based jury has announced its decision confirming that Google’s conduct has affected not only Epic Games but also other developers. Thus, the Fortnite developers became the ultimate champion of the battle. After the decision, huge changes are expected to occur in Google Play’s policies. Tim Sweeney, the Chief Executive Officer of Epic Games, has posted on Twitter with a substantial headline, “Victory over Google!” 

Implications of the Decision

The victory is a huge achievement for Epic Games, and it will surely boost their value and worth in the market. On the other hand, Google may have to face significant negative consequences. The first one is to face legal attacks from other game developers. Along with that, Google may have to change the policies of the Play Store. It may lead to the opening of another platform for Android users to download their favorite applications.

Above all, Google has to face a decline in its revenue generation. The tech giant has to cut off its charges rates on developers for in-app purchases. The figures are expected to go to 10-13%, compared to the current ones, which are between 15 and 30%, as revealed by Entrepreneur.

Upcoming Consequences

The victory seems a hallmark in the all-time history of Epic Games. However, James Donato will announce the remedies for the Fortnite developers, which is expected in the first quarter of the forthcoming year. Additionally, other big companies are now becoming aware that they can also be subjected to severe vulnerabilities. The decision may have another bad impact on the antitrust trial held in Washington over Google’s search and advertising sector.

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