What is Fortnite and the Main Features of the Project that Players May Like

One of the key projects that undoubtedly had a significant impact on the gaming industry is PUBG, which started the battle royale genre and Fortnite, which, due to its unique mechanics and collaborations with stars and the skin system, attracts players from all over the world who are ready to try Fortnite carry who want to master the mechanics of construction, or simply take part in a concert by Drake or other world stars who take place in various Fortnite events.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a project from Epic Games, which is implemented in the battle royale format and allows players to take part in a battle of 100 players, of which only one survivor should remain, who will become the winner of the match.

All players themselves choose a point on the map where they want to land and try Fortnite carry using a parachute, and from that very moment, the match will begin for them.

You must look for weapons and medicine, ammunition and most importantly – learn to use the construction system, which will help in fighting in defense and attack for boosting Fortnite.

How to Play Fortnite?

The whole essence of the gameplay is based on general survival and destruction of opponents, or detached tactics that allow you to survive the main battles and fight only at the final stage, when the battle zone will be reduced and the player who remains alive will be declared the winner and will increase his Fortnite rating.

Select Landing Point

A large percentage of survival and success in it depends on the place where the match starts.

If you choose popular points and locations of a large number of weapons, then you run the risk of immediately stumbling upon many enemies and in this confusion, although you will learn tactics and shooting faster, the chance of losing and dying is very high, and often from a sneaky bullet, because that the enemies are well aware of many ambush sites.

This format is suitable for adventurers and players who immediately want to place their main bet on action, and they will either kill a lot of enemies and continue on their way to the top 1, or die and go look for a new match and get a boost in Fortnite.

If you choose a remote location, you run the risk of not quickly finding a weapon and will almost immediately encounter the phenomenon of all games in the battle royale genre, which leads to a narrowing of the territory and if you fall outside of it, the hero will begin to lose health.

This is done so that no one has the opportunity to hide and is always forced to look for a fight and strive for the top 1 on the map.

It is better to choose territories with several buildings, where you are guaranteed to find a starting weapon and begin your journey, but while the bulk of the players will kill each other in large locations, you will already have time to collect all the necessary equipment and continue your path to top 1 on the game map.

Look for Weapons Immediately

100 characters will be planted on the game map, of which the enemies are all those who are not members of your team, and you will not be able to hide or sit out, in Fortnite there are no mechanics to be invisible, and either a narrowing zone or another player will catch up with you.

Therefore, you need to immediately look for a weapon that will help protect yourself and add a couple of kills to enemies in the first minutes of the match.

You need to look for a legendary weapon, or something close to it, but at the start you won’t be able to fully choose, and you need to grab everything you can find.

Master the Construction Mode

This is a unique format that Epic Games introduced into their project. You can use the interface to build shelters and barricades anywhere the terrain allows to defend against enemies.

Players who have perfectly mastered this mechanic perfectly survive enemy attacks and deal damage to empty spaces or destroyed zones, or destroy their own buildings, deal damage and rebuild them again – this is what masters can do, but it is precisely such players who progress best in Fortnite boosting rating.

With the help of buildings, you can even bypass obstacles and make long jumps from them and use them in other scenarios for defense, attack, or movement in Fortnite.

Play as a Team

In any project in the battle royale genre, it is better to play as part of a team, because this is the kind of gameplay that this genre is largely geared towards.

PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends and other projects are built on this – this is not a prerequisite, but it is precisely this that provides opportunities for communication, joint actions, tactics and other features of a survival simulator in dangerous zones.

This opens the way for watching and participating in eSports because teams that think creatively, have good chemistry and constantly work on tactics and shoot well often win major tournaments, which popularizes a particular project and opens the path and aspiration for young players.

Remember that if you play in a team, then all enemies will be on equal terms with you, so use tactics of holding points, reconnaissance, constant interaction with each other and cover during key actions – offensive or defensive in battle.

Who is Fortnite Suitable for

Such games with a high level of creativity and active gameplay are not suitable for everyone, especially for lovers of realism.

If you don’t like jump kills, or the system of quick buildings and attacks because of them, then PUBG is more suitable for you, with more classic gameplay than the more creative boosting in Fortnite.

If you like to use your imagination to the maximum, and not just focus on ingenuity and understanding of the physics of the project, then Fortnite will reveal this potential, which makes it especially popular among teenagers.

The project regularly hosts various events, including collaborations and even concerts with the participation of stars, which you can attend by simply logging into the game at the right time, which is suitable for fans.

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