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Dansgame is a twitch stream channel emote that was launched in 2010 by Dan. It was a face-like emote that was usually used by twitch streamers to laugh at the chat participants. Twitch is a famous online platform used for live streaming of games for entertainment. The Dansgaming has a lot number of fan following at Twitch at nowadays due to harmful content it is going to be spammed. The profile picture is designed as the head is tilted backward with an uttering disgusted face. These emoticons were also suggested to chatters in Twitch to express anger, disagreement, and disgust. The viewers also emote during the live stream to highlight annoyance during the stream.

Dansgame Image

Dansgame is the image of the owner of the channel streamer Dan, with a repulsive outlook. The streamer has been streaming video games since 2009, whereas the expression of the dance go viral in 2010.

There are two variants of emoting i.e the original one is unique gold and is obtained by getting the subscriptions of the Dansgaming platform at Twitch. The second original one is a suspense creator with blowing eyes. The introduction of the streamer is given below,

Real Name: Dan

Age: 33

Boyfriend: Kevin

Streamin Since: 2009

DannsGame History With Twitch Turbo

This day’s gaming emote was uploaded on twitch. tv from a GIF through the EXIF database of the image. Twitch added this as an original collection in 2015.

DansGame as a Word

The early and exceptional c5reation of the Dansgaming emote added to its value over Twitch. Users get interested in it used it in different ways.

 In February 2016, the GIF of days gaming was tweeted. Due to its market influence, Urban Dictionary added this term into its word database by defining “ An emote that is used by Twitch streamers to indicate disgust and revulsion.

In April 2017, The term Dansgame was also in an article “Most Used Twitch Emotes”. Later Franker Faces a twitch user also added this Twitch emote into the extension of the site.

At the end of 2019, Dansgame became the 25th most widely used emote among all the emotes of Twitch.

Final Verdict

Dansgame is the most used suitable emote to show disgust or annoyance on Twitch. You can also use this if a stream makes you angry. This repulse-looking face emote is enough to indicate your anger. You can also create Dansgame memes through different editing platforms.

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