Best Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for a Techies

Thanksgiving is an event and that night of the Year in which people usually get together and enjoy a good dinner with family or friends. On this occasion, they get a chance to express their feeling of love and care. Gifting is another tradition of thanksgiving and is also considered an expression of having a strong bond between friends and family. And if your friends and family are addicted to tech you can make their day by giving them gifts according to their interests.

Gift ideas for Techies

Whether family or friends, techie lovers would cherish and enjoy the following devices on the eve of Thanksgiving, and who knows? They might be thankful the next year for this year’s choice of gift by you.

Heyup Boxe Portable Projector

After enjoying a scrumptious thanksgiving dinner, and when all the members of the family are cherishing the good, happy moments together in the living room, You can surprise the host by using this portable projector and display the selfies and videos on the bigger screen. Interesting, of course, this would just make them fall in love with you all over again. Also, with this Projector you can enjoy a movie night after dinner as it would be charged already the recipient would admire your gift too. You don’t have to attach any other manual speaker with this projector as it comes with a built-in speaker and a 7800 mAh battery.

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Dreame Bot Robot Vacuum

If you’re sharing your room and your mom or your friends love to party but get panicked by the after the mess of it, This robot vacuum is going to be the best thing to be gifted. It would be controlled and connected by your Home’s Wi-Fi network and it would scan and memorize the House in its system, another feature is that you can schedule the cleaning anytime. This robot vacuum would be a great help for a techie and their panicked nature would turn into a peaceful one. Who knows, they’d love to organize the parties more often as they might not be thinking of the mess from now on.

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Portable Wireless Speaker Gift

If this thanksgiving you want to gift one of your friends who is a music lover, this gadget is a great option for them. This mini-wireless speaker comes with great specifications and can be charged in short time duration. It can be connected to any Bluetooth device. This is also going to be a great addition to the thanksgiving parties and would be appreciated by the other guests too.

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Noise Canceling In-Ear Headphones

These headphones can be one of the best kinds of gadgets for someone who loves soothing music. This product would adjust to an ideal system with soothing sounds. The sound quality would be so phenomenal that it would cancel all the other noise. Techies would admire the gift as it would help them relax after a long tiring day of preparing thanksgiving dinner with soothing music in their ears.

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Watch in general is the best gift to be given to anyone, But if you know someone who is a techie junkie and loves to manage everything digitally, a Smartwatch that doubles as a health tracker can be given as a Beautiful gift on the Eve of Thanksgiving. If you care about the well-being of your friend or someone in the family and you want them to reduce screen time, for their digital well-being, this smartwatch is the best option as it minimizes screen time. You can customize it and gift it in any color your friends most probably would like to have.

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Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Photo Frame

This can be a wholesome gift for anyone you love on Thanksgiving evening. This device is in-built with the capacity of 8 GB of memory. You can add photos into the frame by using its App and Bingo, this digital device would display your happy memories in the form of pictures and would appear as a Frame. This gadget does have a specific port for an SD card. You can add as many pictures as you want and put them on your side table as a decoration piece

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ALL IN ONE Evening, Happy Thanksgiving!

All of these gifts can be considered as the best tech junkie kind of thing and later can be reviewed as perfect by friends or family who is going to enjoy the gadget. Spending valuable time with family after a happy dinner and having the best gadget would be like a creamy caramel with added vanilla chocolate Ice-cream. It is a metaphor, that says ALL IN ONE. Family Time, happy meal, and, a gadget for tech junkies.

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