10 Best Sales Forecasting Software

What is Sales Forecasting Software?

Sales forecasting software is intended to anticipate interest in an organization’s contributions in light of information. These projects use historical data and the ongoing deals pipeline to make time-bound sales estimations. Using these devices, you can assess your lead volume, pipeline esteem, and probability. It is the nearest thing to a crystal ball your organization will get at any point. The likelihood of each lead bringing to predict future deals to a comparable performance with high accuracy.

Sales forecasting software helps organizations with addressing a few inquiries:

  1. What is your expected revenue?
  2. How did genuine sales contrast with anticipated sales?
  3. Which technique delivers the most reliable forecast?

The best sales forecasting software assists entrepreneurs with pursuing data-backed choices while deciding on deals quotes. These are the best tools to set business goals or finance-related decisions such as recruiting new workers. You can use the software quickly and integrate it with other applications to handle client data from different sources.

The 10 Best Sales Forecasting Software

When choosing the sales forecasting software for your company, check the best segment and whether it accommodates your financial plan, goals, and business size. You need to look at our ten best picks for the best sales forecasting software:

GMDH Streamline

Streamline is the world’s best sales forecasting software for many things, such as manufacturing, distribution, etc. The platform has hundreds of partners and many prominent business clients.

Streamline is a production management solution that helps processes for requesting demand forecasting and stock renewal planning. It authorizes endeavours to create accurate figures utilizing data regarding sales schemes and deficiency of products. AI-powered software helps manufacturers, retailers, and merchants double their annual benefits. The platform successfully incorporates modernized forecasting technologies and procedures. It also includes stock streamlining devices that transform it into an urgent and time-viable tool for decision-making.


Free trial: Available

Free Version: Available

Business: Contact Us

Enterprise: Contact Us

Enterprise+: Contact Us


  1. Accurate Statistical Forecast
  2. Forecast Approval System
  3. Revenue Planning
  4. Flexible Manual Adjustments
  5. New Products Forecasting
  6. Demand Forecasting
  7. Demand and Revenue Planning
  8. Inventory Management, Planning and Optimization
  9. Material Requirements Planning
  10. 90% reduction in time-spent


Pipedrive is a sales CRM software that has sales forecasting features. The tool is prominent, ensuring sellers stay organized and take action. The actionable reports and smart sales help prioritize your activities and prevent opportunities and deals from getting cold. The sales forecast reports foresee turnover and development to assist with spotting issues before they emerge. Furthermore, the repetitive revenue reports show client installments in various portions, so you can precisely generate income projections.

Clients can likewise cause visual sales forecasts and estimate reports to assist readers with understanding their organizations perform better. It is the best platform for SME and Enterprise sales teams. You will have the intuitive UI as multiple tools like sales assistant, workflow automation, and deals reports. By using these, you can manage your customers and business more efficiently.


Essential: $11.90 per user per month

Advanced: $24.90 per user per month

Professional: $49.90 per user per month

Enterprise: $74.90 per user per month

Free trial: 14 days of full access


  1. Historical Re-forecasting
  2. Sales Cycle Forecasting
  3. Insights and Reporting
  4. Extensive CRM integrations


InsightSquared is AI-powered sales forecasting software that streamlines your group’s forecast entries, giving you the additional opportunity to focus on making decisions. It is also used to ensure that everyone aims to hit one target. These forecasts can be made for explicit locals, items and different sections. After that, you can use these forecasts to analyze by month or quarter.

The platform keeps up with all change records that assist clients with understanding the reason why they have missed their sales objectives. It is the software that holds sales teams responsible for visualizing progress. A pipeline survey meeting becomes a blow since you trust your sales activity information. You must figure out which deal to pull forward and which to stop.


Pricing: Contact InsightSquared for a custom quote

Free trial: available


  1. AI Sales Forecasting
  2. DevOps Dashboards
  3. Interactive Reporting
  4. Activity Capture
  5. Conversation Intelligence
  6. Guided Selling
  7. Advance Sales Math


Anaplan is a flexible sales forecasting software that will assist you in decision-making more confidently because of its significant features. Sales managers can conjecture deals by the record, territory, or product offering. It creates a versatile device that can uphold various work progresses. The platform permits you to progressively make exact, data-driven revenue predictions that further develop dynamics throughout your association.

You can get a clearer image of your sales pipeline’s health and utilize Predictive Insights of knowledge to focus on sales assets on the best chances to drive reliable revenue. It joins third-party data with authentic sales designs, including patterns and irregularity. The platform will assist you with making more precise forecasts for the ongoing selling climate. It is the best platform for Enterprise sales teams.


Contact Anaplan for a custom quote using their Basic, Professional and Enterprise plans.

Free trial: available


  1. Ad hoc Reporting
  2. Sales Performance Metrics
  3. Data Visualization
  4. Trend/Problem Indicators
  5. Reporting and Analytics
  6. Easy Integration


Zoho is a CRM that offers sales forecasting in its features. It permits clients to assemble custom figures based on conditionals determined in their CRM. You can monitor forecasts and consequently make reports in light of forecast numbers. It collaborates with clients and allows them to process their data from numerous business tools, assisting them with producing balanced sales reports.

The platform also offers AI-powered features through its conversational sales assistant.


Free: up to 2 users

Basic: $24 per month for two users

Standard: $48 per month for five users

Premium: $115 per month for 15 users

Enterprise: $455 per month for 50 users

Free trial: 5 days


  1. Predictive Analytics
  2. What-if Analytics
  3. Data Storytelling
  4. Collaborative Analytics


Clari is a sales forecasting software that permits clients to fabricate figures using real-time information and proactive experiences. It is a forecasting platform for B2B marketing sales pioneers who need to abbreviate their sales cycles and get better forecasting precision. Real-time data can help your business with multiple things like tracking changes, revenue indicators and predictive forecasting.

The software vows to assist groups with achieving more outstanding efficiency. You can see pipeline inception, account commitment, CRM automation, etc. its functionality. The software has robust designs and layout choices for easy reporting and correspondence.


Free trial: available

Starting price: Contact us for a quote


  1. Dynamic Modeling
  2. Sales Trend Analysis
  3. Statistical Analysis
  4. Interaction Analysis
  5. Graphic Data Presentation
  6. Reporting and Analytics
  7. Forecasting Dashboards


SPOTIO is a sales forecasting software that is best for field sales teams. The platform makes field sales execution more formalized with comprehensible insights and analytics. You can pursue informed choices and accomplish your objectives. With a precise image of sales performance, you are speculating whether your team is on the same page and where any holes exist. Nonetheless, the platform tracks every sales data your business expects to get packed and exact sales forecasts.

The platform also coordinates with your tech stack’s CRM, ERP and 2000+ tools.


Free trial: available

TEAM: $39 per user per month

BUSINESS: $69 per user per month

PRO: $129 per user per month



  1. Sales Productivity
  2. Activity Management
  3. Sales Territory Mapping
  4. Sales Prospecting

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce is a more extensive technology software incorporating items for sales, client care and marketing. Sales Cloud is the platform’s sales tool, giving the executives a pipeline and determining solutions. It comes with an assortment of support and guarantees constant permeability of your sales using KPIs and quick filters. The clients then focus on the most encouraging open doors. It permits clients to change status into training meetings, so the group continually learns with consistent client data.


Sales Cloud Costs: starting from $25 per month

Service Cloud Costs: starting from $25 per month

Marketing Cloud Engagement Costs: starting from $400 per month

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Costs: $1250 per month

Salesforce Quick Pricing: starting from $75 per month


  1. CRM
  2. Predictive AI
  3. Process Automation
  4. Reporting Dashboards


ForecastX is a sales forecasting software that utilizes Excel to allow clients to make immediate forecast report. It has tools for overseeing stock levels, upgrading security stock and estimating the effect of specific occasions. The software utilizes PROCAST, which is a suitable algorithm. It lets users create precise statistical figures to design with surety. You will get collaboration tools for working as a group with the goal that you can keep external stakeholders and inside outreach groups updated reliably.


Free trial: available

Setup Fee: $500

ForecastX LITE: $59 per month (billed annually)

forecast: $99 per month (billed annually)


  1. Modeling and Simulation
  2. Performance Metrics
  3. Correlation Analysis
  4. Exception Reporting
  5. Statistical Analysis
  6. Built-in Algorithms
  7. Reporting and Analytics


Gong catches each user interaction and conveys AI-based insights to assist you with determining with precision. The resulting patterns and recommendations guide agents on what to do, and the sale stands here.

Besides client behavior analysis, Gong offers “Deal Boards, ” which permit clients to effectively monitor their most important deals, measurements, and insights. Deal boards give an adaptable perspective on the client’s pipeline. It is the best for sales leaders.


Basic: based on your team size

Free trial: not available

Free version: not available


  1. Performance Metrics
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Correlation Analysis
  4. Dashboards

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