YouTube Tests Colorful Video Feeds: Red, Blue, and Green in Focus

YouTube has authorized itself as the world’s largest video-sharing platform and is now advancing one step further to launch a new feature. The primary purpose is to optimize the ways users can organize their feeds or filter videos based on colors to ensure that they can watch their favorite content. It will provide an appealing as well as convenient method for users to sort the diverse collection of YouTube and limit the feed only to the content they love to watch and enjoy. 9to5Google has first reported that the video-sharing platform is launching this tremendous feature for mobile users to create their feeds with the help of colors like blue, green, and red.

The Discovery of Color-Filtered Feeds

While YouTube has launched this new color-feed feature for its mobile applications, users will see a prompt whenever they access the app. It will ask a general question, “Craving something new?” Additionally, the prompt will have a button or link to generate a color feed. You only have to tap on the option, and it will create one. Some users have utilized this feature and clicked on it to reach the new window. 

YouTube offers three different colors, prominently green, red, and blue. Users can choose any of them to sort their videos based on their interests and preferences. It will ultimately take their experience to an advanced level.

RGB Nostalgia

The color choices YouTube offers to its users feature the RGB nostalgia factor. This color model is commonly used in digital displays. Therefore, the video-sharing platform has integrated it into its interface. Whenever users will select a color, YouTube will adjust the videos to become part of that feed. Moreover, the background of the app will also change as you select the color. For example, when you select the red filter, the accents will give the red shade. 

How Does the Color-Feed Work?

YouTube has made it very easy to use the color feed feature on its mobile app. Whenever you select a specific color, the video-sharing platform will automatically adjust the videos falling under the selected category. Although the filter carousels were already personalized to individual interests, you must scroll through the end to find these newly integrated filters. 

However, it is interesting to know how YouTube detects the videos to sort them under different colors. Possibly, the YouTube algorithms analyze the video contents and thumbnails to determine the dominant color found in the video. In this way, it places the videos under different categories so that users can access them conveniently.


This color-filtered feed has given the YouTube app a new sense of creativity and made it more engaging and captivating for the users. Users only have to choose the color filter button to explore videos. Hence, this colorful experimentation adds a sense of beauty and entertainment. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that YouTube is widely famous for its extensive content library and these new features are just for making this platform more attractive for users.

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