How To Change The Color Of The WhatsApp Icon On Android

WhatsApp icon is a transparent sensation for a user to get some movements of happiness and pleasure. It offers to take a change, in the look at what you see daily when opening your WhatsApp. The purpose of the WhatsApp icon is to create an alteration in what you are experiencing on a regular basis.

In social media platforms, WhatsApp has gained great importance and provides new strategies to improve the user experience. This is the best priority of this platform. This comes first at this platform to introduce new and multiple features for users that they can enjoy.

What Does WhatsApp Icon Mean?

Constantly, WhatsApp is providing different tools and features to the users.  Among all those features WhatsApp icon is also a result of the impressive invention that WhatsApp provides. It attracts the users to be more active and pleased whenever using WhatsApp. There are several WhatsApp icons that users can apply to get rid of boredom. There are 2 Billion monthly active people who want to get a change in user experience. At the time, they were looking for a change in their taste. They try different icons on their Android phones. More interestingly, it is not a difficult task to change the color of any icon.

Why Do We Need To Change WhatsApp Icon?

WhatsApp has a great place in the online world. There are more than millions of people who are active users of WhatsApp. Plenty of users are using this splendid platform for different objectives. It can see that people who are using social media platforms spend most of their time using this app.
When the users continuously make use of something it becomes very tiresome and boring but the purpose of these WhatsApp icons help the users to keep them out of that situation. When the users will go to the display of their phones there would be a change in the look of WhatsApp. It will make them delighted when they will see a change look on their WhatsApp. That’s why WhatsApp introduces some strategies to maintain usage and provide enjoyment to the users.

Interestingly enough, WhatsApp bestows users with very attractive and satisfactory features. Looking for change into the icon creates an environment of happiness that delights the users. It is a kind of energy and power that the users get and feel as they are starting the new impressive application.

In addition, when a change in the look of WhatsApp occurs, the user seems more active and energetic to see and open the application again and again. This shows that the difference in change not only provides happiness to the user but also improves the usage of WhatsApp.

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How To Change Color/Icon Of WhatsApp?

There are many methods and ways that can be followed to customize WhatsApp. If we want to change the icon color it is not a herculean task just there are very simple steps that have to follow.  The WhatsApp icon is not just available in green color but there are many other colors including, red, blue, gray, and pink. These can be chosen to make WhatsApp more attractive and impressive. You can choose the color/icon that is your favorite.

These are the very simple steps to follow:

  • This seems very easy and simple. When you have to change the WhatsApp icon just do a long press on your WhatsApp and see an edit option on the top of your screen. But if you face any difficulties just allow the third party to help you do what you look for.
  • Go to the play store and download Nova Launcher on your mobile. It has many colors to customize the color of your WhatsApp. More interestingly, it provides many other useful settings for the phone’s initial screen.
  • Open the nova and again go to your chrome and download the icon of your wish.
  • Do the same activity just Tab on your WhatsApp, hold for 2 or 3 seconds, press on the Edit option, and while editing, add the icon that you have downloaded.
  • Now you will see a complete change in the look of your icon.

         GB/FM Whatsapp

  • Open your Whatsapp
  • Click on the Three Dots
  • Go to GBSettings
  • Click on the Universal
  • The next option would be Styles (Look and Feel) go there
  • Look and click the Launcher Icons
  • Choose your Desired and Favourite Icon
  • See The Result

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp is a very important figure in the present time. If you want to make a change in the look of the icon, we have shared various ways that help you to change it. Now you can see that it has become very easy to change your WhatsApp icon which can create a very aesthetic look for your theme. Interestingly, it seems like a piece of cake to change an icon of your own choice. Simply, not just one or two icons are available, there are hundreds of icons that can help you to formulate a glance of your WhatsApp that people must appreciate when they see.

Frequently Asked Question

Is It Need To Format A Phone?

No, it would never be required to format your device when you want to change the color/icon of your WhatsApp. You can simply follow the above steps to change without having any trouble.

It Is Possible To Change Icons?

It is a very simple method that has been shared in the above text. Simply, follow the above steps and make it possible to change the icon of your own choice. Furthermore, just go to chrome and download the icons that you desire the most to see when to open your Whatsapp.

Is It Easy to customize my WhatsApp Icon?

It is not difficult work to customize the WhatsApp icon. Just press and hold on to the icon for 2 or 3 seconds to edit it from the menu, and get access to  change your icon.

What Kind of Colors Are Available?

Interestingly, the original WhatsApp color is teal green dark, light green, and blue but various other colors exist that can match your interest.

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