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Web development frameworks that will be used in 2018 – Updates for the web designers

Web development frameworksWith the maturity of the web and the flexibility of the online space which is being seen to grow rapidly, the process of building applications that are feature-rich get more and more complex. These days, it isn’t easy to satiate the customers only with a basic online presence as everyone around you has got one. Hence, you have to stay aware of the latest trends in the field of technology so that you can help stay ahead of the competition.

Given the fact that there are numerous web development frameworks which are available, you can indeed find it intimidating task to select the best one for your upcoming web designing project. The concerns of this article will tell you about the different web development frameworks which you should be using in 2018. Let’s take a look.


If you’re someone who is a little bit regular with the recent technologies related to web development, you will definitely be familiar with Angularjs. This is a JavaScript which has got a framework which is open-source and that has been designed especially for web applications that are of single page by using MVC pattern of architecture. This is a specially-designed front-end platform which deals basically with the webpages. Therefore, this product from Google deserves to be listed at the top of this list.


React.JS, another open-source JS library, is usually handled by Facebook in combination with a big community of developers. This is a kind of library that is used often for designing UI or user interface for all sorts of web applications. The framework was created with the special reason of creating bigger applications along with data which changes time and again. React is also coming up with few interesting features like React Fibre.


As long as backend web development frameworks are concerned, the only name which comes up is Laravel. It had its inception in 2011 and soon after it saw greener paths for developers. It is an open-source, free, PHP web framework which is intended to build web apps followed by MVC architectural pattern. Few noteworthy features of Laravel are modular packaging system which had dependency manager and it leverages aid in maintenance and application deployment.  Hence this is why this platform is considered as the best for this project.


The ultimate purpose of Node.js was to utilize non-blocking so as to stay efficient, light-weight as against the real-time apps which have huge amount of running data on different kinds of devices. In layman’s words, Node.JS can be used for definite purposes to fill up few particular requirements. It is not only a framework but it is one complete environment. It’s the favorite for all developers for enough now and it is indeed capable of tackling various connections along with stellar quality performance that offers high scalability.


This is yet another PHP framework which perfectly suits with the large-scale and complicated projects of the enterprise level. It is one of the most stable frameworks and it lets developers create websites which are versatile to the ever-evolving business requirements. It has got the capability of working with few of the most popular open source frameworks like Piwik, Drupal and PHPBB.

Therefore, if you’re planning to get your web development project running in 2018 with the usage of the best web development platforms, you should consider taking into account the above mentioned frameworks. Get in touch with some of the best web designers so that you can help create a successful project.

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