Using Google Trends for SEO: Here’s How You Can Make Most Out of It

Online content has been the main source of information for many people and its popularity is evolving from time to time. Now, to understand the pattern of the searches on Google, it has come up with a useful and free tool, Google Trends. It is used to study the popularity and pattern (based on statistics and other information) of specific searches and applies to both Google and YouTube.

Using Google Trends enables you to have access to extensive statistics. On search, data helps in giving you an insight into the nature of consumers’ search patterns. This is one of the many good features of the tool that has made it gain so much popularity. It’s user-friendly and you not only get to witness a huge collection of data. But also you are provided with options for comparison. Now that makes it easier even for a layman to study the trend.  

When a person wants to make a purchase, he surely would like to gain knowledge about the product or service, how they are performing, what the others have to say about that particular product. An unavoidable correlation has been witnessed between the person’s purchase pattern and search pattern. Previous knowledge of the consumer is also responsible for determining the searches. To put it simply, search activities depend mainly on the knowledge a person has. The more a person will know the better results of the searches will be obtained. 

Consumers use their specific keywords to make their searches and it has been seen that they get to know all they have to know from the first page of Google search results. Very few will navigate the following pages. So, the company owners who want to be visible in these searches and increase their sales can use Google Trends to rank higher in the searches.

But first of all, you have to know how to utilize it to gain the best outcome.

By using Google Trends you can analyze the keyword’s volume trends or judge its performance over the last year. That gives you a clear picture of the existing trends thereby allowing you to work upon creating content around the relevant keywords that people are using in their searches. It also predicts how a certain keyword is going to perform in the future too. Google Trends also makes you aware of the poorly performing keywords so that you can exclude them tactfully.

But as a new user, you won’t be able to determine whether actually, a keyword is trending or is just a passing craze. For that, all you have to do is increase the timeframe by two or three years. The results will make it clear to you. This tool also pinpoints the seasonal keywords thus enabling you to differentiate them from the all-time trendsetters.

Google Trends allows you to have a look at the related keywords in the “Related Queries” section. Not only that but it also lists them out according to their percentage popularity. These actions involve heavy market research lifting.

Look for “breakout” keywords

Sometimes it’s seen that this tool uses the term “breakout” instead of percentage search volume. Because it tells you that the keyword hasn’t become competitive yet thus opening an opportunity for you to explore that particular keyword to the fullest to rank atop the Google search page, provided you are quick enough to grab the chance.

Though, it’s advisable not to build a whole business plan depending on the “breakout” as it often is seen to lose its popularity too soon. But you can enjoy the traffic for a few months if you can seize the chance at the right time.

To build strong content you have to consider the future too. Google Trends also helps you in this through the “Related Topics” table that allows you to see the top five broader topics. The consumers are looking into it through their searches. By this, you can quickly understand the upcoming trends and likewise work. On the keywords to create blogs or videos based on these topics.

Try to optimize your local SEO strategy

You can use Google Trends to study the local trends that can help you to optimize your local SEO strategies.  It has a unique feature to produce the statistics of keyword searches of a particular area. The local business houses can profit from this by putting into practice a relevant SEO strategy. It uses any trusted SEO marketing services as it has been observed that keyword searches. Its vary significantly from one region to the other even in the same country.

Consider the new keyword ideas

A market has different segments and to bring everything under focus Google Trends also has some other added features like – “YouTube Search”, “Image Search”, “Google Shopping”, “News Search”, and the default “Web Search”. Using these search options you can detect popular queries and topics from different segments of a market.

Don’t neglect the LSI keywords

LSI (latent semantic indexing) is a computer program that has been designed. To bring focus to the various related words based on context. It enables us to learn about the myriad synonyms related to a particular keyword search. This LSI studies the relation between a word and its concept using mathematical systems.

Google Trends also flashes LSI keywords that further helps in looking for the desired search engine results. The terms that are likely to pop up in the “Related Topics” and “Related Searches” categories, can be used by you. Be careful to use them properly and sensibly and avoid stuffing keywords randomly.

As days will progress the features of Google Trends will also advance and include more and more contextual references. As discussed they can be done now by using the “compare” tool, refining searches by regions, and surely through web searches.


Now is the time to use Google Trends to reap its maximum potential and gain visibility. Venture further beyond the general SEO results and use the data to understand the trends and likewise create content. 

John Mathew

John Methew is an experienced writer and editor, specializing in tech, gadgets, digital marketing, and SEO web development. He writes high-quality articles that resonate with readers and are easy to understand. With exceptional writing skills and unwavering commitment to excellence, John is a valuable asset to the team.

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