Updating the Firefox Google Update Plugin

Google has published its latest plugin which is more accurately marked as an update for Firefox as well as other Google programs. This Plugin can ensure the best security as well as smooth operation of Firefox and other Google software installed on your machine.  Firefox users are most expected to get this plugin automatically in their machine at the time of downloading any Google programs.

Current Version Plugin Google UpdateIn case, you have not downloaded any programs recently, you might need to download it from any other source. However, it is best suggested to download the updated plugin only from an authentic site so that you can actually avail all the goodness of this update, and do not get caught in between some half-baked updates that are not even trustable can actually harm the functioning of your system.


 The Firefox Current Version Plugin Google Update is designed to offer better functionality of the Google applications. It does not slow down your system or neither meddle with any other program installed in your machine. All the plugin does is to ensure that you are secured on the web while browsing and is able to use the latest functionality of the browser.

This plug-in can give you rid of browsing interruptions or any unexpected errors you might be facing while using Firefox. It reduces the risk of attack by viruses, and malware and makes you more protected against other security threats. As a whole, this Update plugin ensures a better and safer experience for the users.

 The Google Updater and Google Update

This latest Google update plugin serves two facets; first of all it offers a fresh look and feel to the Firefox and other Google programs installed on your machine, and secondly, it ensures that all the Google programs including Firefox is checked and installed with the latest updates regularly. This multi-faceted function is served by this Plugin with the help of two different exe files, the GoogleUpdater.exe and the GoogleUpdate.exe.

The Google Updater offers features that enable the user to customize the look and feel of Firefox making it more suitable to meet the particular requirements of the user. On the other hand, the Google Update serves the purpose of ensuring that Firefox is getting its updates properly.

Updating the update plugin

Google Update PluginThe Current Version Plugin Google Update cannot be manually updated. It gets updated automatically when your computer checks for the latest Google software updates. You can find the plugin under process in the Windows Task Manager, which you can open by using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc and switching to processes under the “Show processes from all users” tab.

As soon as you start Firefox, it automatically scans the computer and the registry for plugins and will add them automatically in the process without asking for permission from the user. So, as far as updating this Plugin is concerned, users have to depend on the browser itself, and can be relaxed that the necessary updating will be done automatically without any extra effort from their end.

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