Transformation To IPV6

The world we are living is getting advanced in a number of aspects where there are a number of devices that people make use of to connect with the world of internet and to make sure that they are getting best out of what they are having with their devices. There is a craze among people relating to the connectivity to the internet. Since IP address has became one of the scarce resource in the world like that we are using oil and natural gas, scientists expect a bottleneck situation to occur in the near future that all the IPV4 addresses will get exhausted.

This is so since there are a number of devices being used to connect to internet which is very less at the time they are being introduced for the use of public. Scientists, after introducing the IPV4 addressing system guessed that there will be only less number of devices that comes to internet to get a number of services they want. But later wireless technology took the world of technology to the next level where the need for IP address increased beyond the level expected. Due to this there are many devices going to suffer in the near future.

IPV4 concept has finally arrived wherein there are many people interested to move towards the latest IPV6 addressing wherein the capacity is increased to several folds

Even though in the middle of 1996, there occurred a problem of address overhead where scientists provided a solution of sub netting concept through which they were able to extend the serviceability of the addressing system. But this they say at the time of introduction is a temporary solution. Now there is a problem where there are many mobile phones based on android and other operating system penetrated into market in millions of numbers which are quite difficult for the network providers to assign individual IP address for every user within the network.

Now the replacement for the traditional IPV4 concept has finally arrived wherein there are many people interested to move towards the latest IPV6 addressing wherein the capacity is increased to several folds. The power of IPV6 can be best viewed that people all over the world can able to have a single and unique IPV6 address that need not be changed at any point of time as we are now doing with the concept of dynamic way of addressing with the IPV4 type. Due to this, it is quite easy for people to make their device unique and also to provide better security.

Even after assigning a single and unique IP address for all people in the earth, there will be still a number of addresses left unclaimed since the address exceeds the population of the whole world by several numbers. Hence without using much of the personal IP, through means of better connectivity and secured transitions, people can get many dynamic IP address for better security which is not possible with the current IPV4 type of addressing. Till the year 2014, there are around 96% of people using IPV4 addressing, where there will be a great drift towards IPV6 in the years that are yet to come.

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