Top 5 Instagram Story Viewer Apps for 2024

Instagram is among the top social media platforms with millions of users using its features on an everyday basis. Over the years, Instagram has evolved tremendously, enabling people to interact with the world through posts, reels, and IGTV videos.

While some aspects are no longer there, like IGTV videos, Instagram stories have been a brilliant source for posting short, engaging content that can be removed automatically. Moreover, Instagram allows you to watch the stories anonymously with the help of third-party applications. I have enlisted the top 5 Instagram story viewer apps for 2024.

Instagram Story Viewer Apps

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Instagram Story Viewer apps are third-party online tools that can help you watch and download the stories of other users without creating an account or unmasking your identity.

Whether you have been blocked by someone on Instagram or want to surprise your friend, you can leverage the potential of these tools to catch their activities without being mentioned in the viewed list.

In addition, these apps come up with several built-in tools that enable you to navigate through the other content like posts, reels, and videos on Instagram. Considering their popularity, a large number of platforms have been developed and launched to provide users with diverse options for ultimate entertainment.

Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps

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As mentioned previously, a large number of Instagram story viewer apps are available on the web. However, not all of them can provide essential outcomes and benefits, as some have security concerns.

I am also a great Instagram geek and spend quality time watching reels and entertaining myself on this social platform. Therefore, I have created a list of the top Instagram story viewer apps you can use in 2024 to watch and download stories and other content.


Firstly, we have placed Snapinsta among the best Instagram story viewer apps because of its tremendous features and extensive functionality. While watching and downloading stories is its core attribute, you can easily download the Instagram highlights cover besides watching and saving reels in high quality.

One unique feature of this mobile app is that it is highly efficient in processing the links to generate the desired results. A search option is also present to quickly head to the targeted profiles.


  • Downloads Instagram highlights covers
  • Allows watching reels
  • Download in high-quality
  • Efficient functioning
  • Allows searching options


  • Cluttery interface


Inscognito is the top application that can help you watch Instagram stories without leaving any trace. One of the best features about this app is that you can download the content in HD quality.

Another key advantage is its simplified interface that enables you have your hands on your favorite content, including stories, videos, and photos, with a single click. One important thing is that you must catch the stories before they get deleted.


  • HD-quality story viewing
  • Favorite accounts feature
  • Search functionality integrated
  • No authentication required
  • Fast processing


  • Data privacy issues

IG Story Viewer

Secondly, I have placed IG Story Viewer among the top Instagram story viewer apps to be used in 2024. It offers a seamless experience to users who are fond of watching and downloading Instagram stories of other profiles without revealing their identity.

Above all, its easy to use interface can help everyone cherish the moments shared by others. Although it glitches sometimes, you can have a brilliant entertainment with this app.


  • Comfortable downloading
  • No account creation needed
  • Completely free
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Anonymous functionality


  • Glitches sometimes


As the name suggests, Ghostify is a highly dedicated application to view the Instagram stories and other content anonymously. Unlike the other applications, Ghostify enables to read direct messages without leaving a trace on Instagram.

As a result, others will unable to know about your activities as well. Head to the Play Store and install the application. Enter the username of the targeted profile to get the details easily.


  • Allows message reading
  • Masks your real identity
  • Uses API
  • Does not access login information
  • Incredible ghosting functionality


  • Not certified by Instagram for API

Secretly Story Viewer & Saver

If you are looking for a highly secured Instagram story viewer app in 2024, Secretly Story Viewer & Saver offers the best solution. You can watch stories of anyone without being mentioned in the viewed list. Install the app, type the username correctly, and get the results.

An extra option is available that will let you add the profiles to your favorite list. Just tap on the heart icon and you can watch your favorite profiles easily.


  • Easy to use
  • Downloadable on all mobiles
  • Allows creating the favorite list
  • Offline viewing ability
  • Enhanced privacy


  • No regular updates

The Closure

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These are the details about the top Instagram story viewer apps in 2024. All of them feature incredible functionalities that not only mask your identity but also help you navigate and download the stories of your favorite profiles in high quality.

Besides, you can have your hands on the reels, posts, and other Instagram content. Just enter the username or link to the targeted profile and have your hands on the results. One of the best parts about the platforms mentioned in this guide is that they are completely safe to operate as well as easily accessible.


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Which app is best for creating an Insta story?

Several apps are available on the web for creating insta story, including the likes of Canva, Lightroom, Inshot, Splice, Mojo, and others.

How do you get 1000 story views on Instagram?

Posting engaging content and using proper hashtags can help you achieve 1000 views on your Instagram story.

Which is the best app for viewing Instagram?

Many apps are present on the web to view the Instagram anonymously. You can go with Inscognito, Ghostify, and others for this purpose.

Who stalks my Instagram?

Instagram does not let you learn about the users who are stalking you. However, you can watch through the profiles who have viewed the stories to learn about stalkers.

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