Instagram highlight ideas- Ways to Engage Your Customers Effectively

Instagram is one network via which people, businesses, and organizations may connect and participate, whether through the publishing of photos, shoppable tags, live videos, or IGTV. And Instagram is always innovating new methods for individuals to communicate with one another on the social media platform, improving the consumer experience for many companies and enterprises.

Instagram Story Highlights, also known as Instagram Highlights, are collections of images, videos, and posts that you’ve previously posted to your Instagram Story. These selected collections are frequently referred to as “albums,” and these albums are typically divided into different topic categories. Let’s look at some of the most popular Instagram highlight ideas to help you engage with your clients.

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Promote Your Products

Creating an Instagram Highlight idea promoting your products or services is one of the finest methods to market your brand and engage with your customers. According to Instagram, 75% of users take an action after viewing ads on the platform, such as visiting a website or completing a purchase.

Your highlight will be a quicker and faster way for clients to find information about your products, and you may drive them to your website, sign up for a newsletter, or, ideally, make a purchase through Instagram. You can display your items more creatively and in less direct or cases relating ways by tagging them in your highlights with Instagram Stories stickers.

Respond to Questions

Instagram highlights ideas with answers to frequently asked questions is another interactive feature you can utilize to attract your followers’ attention.

The Questions sticker has a unique feature in that you may view the profiles of the persons who responded; you can post someone’s questions or remarks, but their images, profiles, and usernames will not be revealed. This allows you to share the questions that users have asked, as well as their responses to your questions, while their profiles are not made public.

Share Some Behind the Scenes

Give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at where or how you complete your work. When social media might feel impersonal at times, providing this inner peek allows you to engage with all of your followers on a more personal level.

The Re-Vision, an interior design brand, accomplished this in their Instagram highlights by offering a behind-the-scenes look at how they took a recent Instagram photo. They then shared the completed photo and encouraged their followers to interact with it in their normal feed. It’s an excellent method for increasing engagement.

Promote Upcoming Events

Although we are now prohibited from assembling in large numbers, and your business may not be sponsoring in-person events, you can still use the Stories feature to highlight past events, advertise forthcoming ones, and raise awareness about others.

This will give them a better picture of what events your company actually hosts and will stimulate their interest in future ones. If your company organizes events, workshops, or training, dedicating an Instagram Highlight to event marketing is a strategic, fun, and creative approach to share more of your brand’s personality while improving brand recognition.


Use Interactive Polls to Engage Customers

Using ad interactive polls on your Instagram Stories allows you to not only engage with customers but also collaborate with them.

You may obtain a better understanding of your audience and gain insight into their pain spots by asking them engaging, varied questions that invite them to interact with your company. Creating Instagram highlights that include all of the ad polls you’ve put on your Instagram Stories is a great way for followers and users to know that you value their feedback and thoughts on your products or conversations.

Display Your Customer Testimonials

We all know how important it is to share consumer reviews, so make sure to share your company’s reviews with your followers as well.

Creating a feature dedicated to reposting images or testimonials of your customers’ experiences using your product, service, or brand and highlighting these on your Instagram account is an excellent method to promote the stories of your satisfied consumers. Customer testimonials are useful for emphasizing the benefits that your products or services have provided to customers.


Share sales and discounts

Offering discounts or giveaways is one of the most efficient ways to increase sales on Instagram and get followers to participate with your content in some way.

It’s a good idea to create an Instagram Highlight dedicated to highlighting current sales, discounts, and promotions. Discounts or giveaways naturally attract prospects, prompting them to interact with the material on your Story, and then motivating them to purchase your goods or service.

Begin a Series

Another innovative method to engage with your customers on Instagram Stories and gain additional publicity is to create a spotlight dedicated to publishing engaging, relatable content. This can be tied to your company’s offering, objective, or it does not have to be related to your specific business or industry.

You may accomplish this by creating a stories album dedicated to sharing motivating quotations connected to your business, following current social media trends, or dedicating an Instagram highlight to sharing about your content, such as a blog or video series.

As we all know, social media is constantly evolving, and Instagram and the many services it provides are evolving alongside it. I hope this post gave you some ideas for using Instagram Story Highlights to bring a whole new level to how your business interacts with Instagram followers.

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