Tips to Design Landing Pages That Actually Convert

How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

It is not always easy to create a landing page that actually converts because there are a lot of things to consider when creating one for your own brand or business.

In this era of tough competition, most of the marketers often don’t spend enough time on making the page appealing that serves as the destination for their marketing efforts such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, or native ads etc.

It is absolutely hard to drive people to your online presence but keeping them engaged there is harder once they get there through a link shared by you or via a digital advertisement.

In this whole situation, effectively designed landing page works as the strong marketing foundation that helps you a lot in turning your visitors into customers.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page can be explained as a web page where someone lands right after clicking on a specific link, digital advertisement or a native ad.

In fact, it is a page where you want to send your visitors with an intention to convert them into valuable customers or subscribers and it could be a website page, blog post, social media profile or online store

How to Create an Effective Landing Page

A landing page not only needs to look great but it should also convey your message in a creative way. Below we have a list of tips to design landing pages that actually convert and might be handy for your online business or brand to generate more sales.

#1 – Determine your Goals and Consider the Audience

Before getting started, goals of your landing page should be crystal clear to you. For instance, if you want to grow your email list, the landing page should be designed with a ‘subscribe us’ or ‘signup’ form.

And if the core purpose of your landing page is to boost sales, it should be a product page loaded with persuasive details and information about your products to induce customers for purchases.

Once your goals are obvious, it would be easy for you to consider the audience which is the most important aspect when creating landing pages that actually convert.

It will keep you heedful about which your audience is and what you are trying to communicate with them.

#2 – Appealing Headline

By choosing a killer and appealing headline for your landing page, it would be easier for you to capture the attention of visitors as you might only have 6 to 8 seconds to make them feel important and valued.

If the headline is catchy enough, chances are higher that they will move ahead to read more from your end.

As a blogger you might be aware of the importance of killer blog post titles, similarly, a landing page headline should also be killer and catchy to retain the user attention at a glance.

Design Landing Pages That Actually Convert

#3 – Clean & Organized Layout

The overall look and structure of a page is the most important aspect that might have a huge impact on the efficiency of the landing page and how well it converts.

Try to create a clean and organized layout for your landing page as you need to make it as easy as possible for a visitor to convert.

Whether it is a subscription box, filling a survey or signing up for a newsletter, your landing page should be simple and easy enough for visitors to go through the process in a hassle-free manner.

#4 – Include Vital Design Elements

A beautifully designed web page is more probable to convert than one which is created with an ugly layout.

When creating a landing page that actually converts, never ever misjudge the significance of color psychology because every selected color can build the specific mood for your audience so always choose colors for your pages wisely in order to provide your audience a superb user experience.

Wisely use the white space of your page in order to illustrate your creativity and designing expertise.

Adding high quality and most relevant images is one of the top tips to design landing pages that actually convert because a picture can speak thousands of words itself. Also feel free to add a relevant video if available on hand and made by you or your company.

#5 – Don’t Sell but Educate

Don’t try to sell directly but convince them to purchase from you by providing them a valid reason.

For example, if you are offering an ultimate guide to rank higher in YouTube, first let them know why their videos should be on the top of search results and then offer your guide with some amazing benefits that others don’t have.

Let the visitors take an action that you want them to take

Exactly, your landing page should have a user-friendly ‘call to action’ in order to help you chase your marketing goals.

Always try to set a single but appealing call to action for your landing page and never go for a second one as it may distract your visitors by providing a bad user experience.

#6 – Make it Responsive

It is the actuality that most of the people use their mobile devices to surf the web when searching for an apt solution, product or service and your landing page must also be responsive and mobile friendly to get more views than your imaginations.

Responsive web pages are becoming enormously significant to get rank higher in search engine result pages, and you should take some initial steps to make your page a high converting landing page to get more customers.

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