Telegram Has Allowed the Conversion of Personal Accounts to Business Accounts

One of the most popular social chat applications, Telegram has recently announced a new set of features that are designed specifically for businesses. One of these features is that it allows users to convert their personal accounts into business profiles. This transition will make this platform more business-oriented and will enhance its functionalities. Also, it will attract a larger audience base which will further increase its popularity.

Pavel Durov, who is the founder of Telegram, has announced this exciting update and allowed users to switch their personal accounts with business accounts, as per the details revealed by TechCrunch. The process is quite simple and requires following only a few steps as explained below.

  • Firstly, you should log in to your personal account on the Telegram app.
  • Then, look for the profile settings options.
  • In the settings panel, users will see a “Convert to Business Account” option.
  • Upon clicking this button, you will see multiple prompts.
  • Follow them to set up your business profile.

Features of the Telegram Business Account

Telegram has been in the news for the last few months because of its continuous updates. However, its business-oriented features have impressed the world. Now, it is showcasing several exciting attributes. Some of them are:

1 – Organized Chats

Organized chats are one of the best features that can allow you to organize chats. You can use color labels to assign different colors to your chats. Hence, you can easily identify them when required. Also, it will make the organization simpler and easier.

2 – Automated Communication

The integration of the attribute of automated communication has made Telegram more business-oriented. Now, businesses can automatically set up greeting messages for new customers. Additionally, it can generate useful responses when your company’s customer support is unavailable. It will significantly enhance customer interaction with your company and can deliver timely responses.

3 – Quick Replies

While time management is pretty essential in business activities, Telegram’s new updates will enable you to do so. You can streamline your communication by creating shortcuts for common queries. It will enable organizations to answer frequently asked questions more efficiently and quickly.

Integration of AI

The features mentioned previously are incorporated into the infrastructure of Telegram’s business accounts. Besides, the developers of this popular social site are focused on integrating Artificial Intelligence into the application. It will enable businesses to utilize the power of AI-powered chatbots. These will help the companies handle customer inquiries smoothly and take the progress to new heights of glory.

Future Prospects

The latest updates in the infrastructure of Telegram have enabled the application to compete with the WhatsApp business. The new features can attract more companies and enterprises to ensure a powerful platform for entrepreneurs. 

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