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Investment management is necessary for households, individuals, and businesses with a variety of investments, savings, and assets to make sure that their assets grow, earn greater returns, and generate a steady income.

In this article, we have discussed SimCorp, which is providing the best investment management solutions to financial industries globally.

What are the Investment Management Solutions?

The act of managing multiple securities, investments, and financial assets is known as investment management. Investment management aids people in preventing the gradual loss of their tirelessly earned money over time.  

It will assist individuals to gradually increase their income to fulfill their requirements. Every company charges specific fees for cash management. Investment management in a corporation guarantees that resources are deployed for the proper purposes to fulfill the organization’s objectives.

SimCorp Background

It is the best Danish company and was established in 1971. This is offering the best investment management solutions to people, companies, organizations, and industries.  This is a global and dynamic company. It smoothly and effectively integrates every region and sector with its very collaborative team.

The headquarters of this company is in Copenhagen. The company has a great ambition to integrate information and ideas in banking, Internet technology, and economics. This solutions provider company is constantly struggling to provide valuable solutions to its clients.

It spends about 20 percent of its yearly profits on R&D (Research and development) to assist clients in growing their companies and keeping up with the rapidly changing demands of the market.

SimCorp is regarded as the leading company for providing excellent investment management solutions to international financial managers. It has more than three hundred satisfied clients globally.

Its team consists of almost two-thousand cooperative workers that are managing the investments. There are over twenty-five branches of this great investment management solution in the world. The offices of this top global company are located in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

This company has improved its services to fit the demands of a constantly fluctuating market. It has built the software, the “state-of-the-art” for several large and renowned investment companies and capital markets.

The Best Services

SimCorp is providing a large number of services to its customers globally. It assists people to get better insights and control over their investments. The list of services is mentioned below.

Services for investment accounting

It actually provides the accounting services for the investment which includes the 3 components:

  • Advisory services
  • Change management services
  • Operations services

When these components work combines, they provide people a vital time to properly concentrate on the various aspects of their business that are most important—insight, analysis, creativity, and development. The company assists in controlling and managing the accounting data about investments. It also provides a proper team for providing solutions to their accounting problems and queries to obtain regular compliance.

The advisory services enable companies to wisely focus on their investment planning and expansion. The operational services help in managing and optimizing the investment.

Services for success management

As the name implies, the purpose of this service is to support planning, solution consumption, and monitoring. This company also assists you in increasing the efficiency of SimCorp solutions in regular business operations. It also supports investment managers by offering dedication and valuable delivery services. It provides you with exceptional project management services.

Services for investment operations

This service is assisting you in different operational activities regarding your investments. It supports the clients and customers of their solutions with a digital portal. This digital portal offers you access to valid information.

A devoted community of professionals who support you in your feasible time slots, from the comfort of your office, your personalized location, in different languages to meet the industrial requirements.

Services for data management

This service includes a professional team that is available 24/7 to assist their customers. The professionals assist people in keeping up with the marketplace, economic, and regulatory developments, including Environmental, social, and governance investment considerations. It helps to adopt regulatory demands for the processing of information.

Services for applications and platforms

This best investment management solution industry is assisting you to decrease the risks associated with investment security. The clear and reliable costs assist you to cut down on operational expenditures related to maintaining, managing, updating, and analyzing your network.

SimCorp Dimensions

It is the biggest provider of software solutions for the asset and financial industries, and Dimension is its main product.

The dimensions of this famous company are designed to support financial management. Its Dimensions are a prime model of IT solutions that are employed by numerous financial organizations. It has a large number of software solutions for investment management, but people and industries have to select according to their demands and needs.

Major Dimensions or Software Solutions for Investment Management

SimCorp solutions assist people in a great way their operations are integrated and made simpler via the company’s automated systems, allowing people to easily add further assets, and obtain more information and analysis. It also assists in taking more educated decisions with updated information, from one location.

This company is very dedicated to offering financial industries the appropriate resources, tools, and services, but more significantly, it gives them choices so they may select the operating strategy that is best for their company.

The list of major solutions of the company are:

  • Management of Cash and Securities
  • Reconciliation Management
  • Management for Settlement
  • Collateral Management
  • Corporate Actions Management

The automated system of this best investment management solution provides the best strategy for data management that has been tested in the industry and is completely transparent and auditable. It also assists people to spend the majority of their time developing innovative business strategies utilizing data-driven insights.

This global company is offering brilliant solutions to the investment industry. This assists people in increasing their cash flow. It is ultimately offering a variety of options, cutting-edge services, flexibility, convenience, and software for investment management. Most individuals need to organize their finances for a specific duration, either long-term or short-term.

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