RPX vs IMAX – Which One Is Better For You

RPX vs IMAX are the two latest theater video format technologies that are expanding to enhance the watching experience of the users. Movie enthusiasts always have to go deeper to understand the workings and functionality of both. In the condition to appreciate movies, you must be aware of the facts leading to these two. Knowing all about and a slight comparison of the RPX and IMAX will help you to estimate the potential of these video formats. However, the choice of choosing a movie theater is slightly different and critical for the common person. In this article, we will briefly learn about these two and will also pick one that is better.

It is an abbreviation of the “Image Maximum”. This consists of the biggest screens with the sound system and image quality. The technology first emerged in Canada, and then it was introduced to the American market. IMAX  was specially designed for the documentary movie experience. The company has a long list of movies that are only played in IMAX theaters.

The main reason to design this was to give a different experience of movies. The company wants its customers to have an unforgettable and excellent experience at the IMAX theater.

The full phrase of RPX is “Regal Premium Experience”. This technology is suitable for any kind of move. The technology consists of bigger screens boosted sound and other premium laser projects. The technology emerged by the Regal to beat the traditionalism of other theaters in the market.

They made such a comfortable and luxurious environment that was compatible with the high-priced tickets in the market. The company is committed to providing a premium user experience without the distinction of the movie.


This was initiated for the regular viewers of the theaters with some extra money. Providing customers a better experience along with a comfortable environment is the first priority of the company.

The comparison of both is based on different aspects like quality, environment, and digital image projection. RPX is far better than IMAX in terms of digital image projection. The RPX has a laser projector that provides high-quality images with better

Comfortability – RPX vs IMAX:

The first thing between RPX VS IMAX is comfortability. RPX is providing a more comfortable sitting experience to its customers as compared to IMAX. The RPX has bigger recliner seats with higher back and headrests that are very comfortable for the customers. On the other hand, IMAX has normal seats that are not very comfortable for the customers. Although IMAX cinemas provide cushioned seats with extra padding and are more soothing than Stranded theater seats, they are not as comfortable or relaxing as RPX seats.

Pricing – RPX vs IMAX:

The pricing of RPX is slightly higher than IMAX because RPX provides a better experience to its customers. RPX offers a premium user experience with higher-quality images, sound, and laser projection. The pricing on the RPX for a movie is about $22 per head. IMAX also offers a great experience to its customers but at a lower price. When you go to the IMAX theater, you’ll have to pay around $20.

The cost of a theater ticket varies depending on factors including location and age. You may pay at least $15 in RPX and IMAX if purchasing a ticket online or at the box office. Theaters in busy mall complexes may charge more than theaters in less-traveled areas.

Display Technology – RPX vs IMAX:

The RPX uses laser projection, and IMAX uses film projection. The image on the screen at an IMAX theater is enormous. Their screen is curved in the center and resembles a huge dome. This style provides for a 3D effect with popping pictures. Furthermore, IMAX theaters employ twin 4K and 2K laser projectors, and high-quality sound systems. RPX vs IMAX, on the other hand, has a screen that is not as large as IMAX. The RPX theater’s screens are flat and only use a single projector. RPX also has a better laser projection system than IMAX.

Screen Size – RPX vs IMAX:

IMAX theaters are often enormous, with screens that measure anywhere from 70-to 100 feet long and 53 feet high. The biggest IMAX screen in the world is situated in Leonberg, Germany, where it measures 144.3 feet by 75.4 feet and weighs over 500 pounds. RPX’s screens are not as big, but they are still considerably large. RPX’s screens are between 40 and 60 feet. RPX has its own assumptions for such a size of screens.

Sound Quality – RPX vs IMAX:

IMAX provides excellent sound quality. IMAX’s sound system is one of the best in the business and is used by many filmmakers. RPX also has a very good sound system, but it is not as good as IMAX. RPX’s sound system is designed to provide a more immersive customer experience. RPX’s sound system is Dolby Atmos, and IMAX uses DTS:X. In this RPX Vs IMAX, IMAX makes sounds louder, while RPX creates a more pleasant sound.

Watching Experience – RPX vs IMAX:

IMAX provides an excellent experience for its customers. IMAX’s screens are enormous, and the sound quality is superb. RPX also has a very good movie experience. The feeling that the audience is an essential element of the film. The visual on the screen appears to be coming toward the audience. However, another appealing feature of the IMAX theaters is their exceptional brightness and clarity.

It is RPX vs IMAX, RPX is better in terms of comfortability and pricing. IMAX is better in terms of display technology, screen size, and sound quality. The movie experience is excellent in both RPX and IMAX. RPX is a better option if you are looking for a more comfortable experience, while IMAX is a better option if you are looking for a more immersive experience. For some movies IMAX is a better option, however, for romantic and love movies you should always choose the RPX.

Summing Up

In the debate, RPX vs IMAX we will conclude that these are not the same things. They have various aspects, including screen size and film production. Both are committed to providing excellent sound, luxury comfort, and high-quality projection. Shortly, both have their own characteristics for different interests of people. It is also recommended that you should experience both before you choose a single one.

Is IMAX bigger than RPX?

Yes, IMAX has larger screens than RPX.

Is RPX better than standard?

RPX’s sound and picture quality make it a better movie experience than regular theatres.

Is RPX or IMAX louder?

IMAX theatres are notoriously loud.

What is better than IMAX?

Dolby Cinema has better contrast and resolution than IMAX for HDR visuals.

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